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  1. lilredjetdiwagon

    Lilred III

    Where have I been? I guess, been enjoying driving our oil-burners....:p Sorry vwmk4 for the late reply. If my memory serves me correctly, I experienced a little bit of snow as I pulled out of the dealership. Next day, I left Chicago, I guess before you guys were hit with the white stuff. :)...
  2. lilredjetdiwagon

    My Lilredgolftdi

    First of all, a thousand apologies to Farfromovin, sportriderseattle, ThatsWhatSheSaid, Eurosport, HalleyTDI, UFO for never thanking for your posts. :) Oh well, with heavy heart, said good bye to our Lilredgolftdi this past December. She had a tad over 116k and fresh DPF and a renewed life...
  3. lilredjetdiwagon

    Soooo, is this the end?

    ....of our beloved forum? After lurking for sometime, I became a member of this super helpful/informative forum in 2002 and purchased my first TDi in March of '03. With a short break, we've always owned a TDi (or two) until a couple weeks ago. Lilred III was returned back to them...
  4. lilredjetdiwagon

    Fuse location left xenon headlight

    Greetings everyone, I need to find the fuse location for the left headlight of my '10 Golf TDi with xenon. I've searched and searched here as well as the interweb, but no luck Thanks in advance!! Rubaiyat
  5. lilredjetdiwagon

    Party Time

    It'll be sad indeed. After we bought our first TDi, an "03 TDi wagon, we bought a brand new "10 Golf TDi with all the goodies. Was so in love, bought a CPO "12 Golf TDi in "14 all the way from Chicago. Loved driving both of them hoping one day, would hand them over to our two boys. That...
  6. lilredjetdiwagon

    my local dealer called this morning....

    Thanks Airpizz6 for your reply :)
  7. lilredjetdiwagon

    my local dealer called this morning....

    Does the registration have to be up-to-date? Thanks! :)
  8. lilredjetdiwagon

    Those of you seriously switching to a BMW 328D in here (no spam or flames please)

    We have 2 Golf TDi's, plan (dream) is to get one 328d and one E250 :D
  9. lilredjetdiwagon

    Pink eye anyone??

    Thanks motoblue for your response and apologies for the late reply. I know you mentioned the Sylvania D1S, but also trying to find the OEM bulb (primarily for matching purposes). Will post once I'm done with the replacement. Googled and found a few useful links/"how to's". Thanks once...
  10. lilredjetdiwagon

    Eonon GA5153F Android Radio

    Wow!! Thanks and following :)
  11. lilredjetdiwagon

    Pink eye anyone??

    The right xenon of the Lilred ('10 Golf) suddenly became all pink/violet :mad: Time to get a new bulb? Both of them? Wondering what the cost is.... Thank you VeeDub for the $500 card? :eek:
  12. lilredjetdiwagon

    LED Tails

    Hopefully we get to keep our MKVIs so that finally, I can go with this mod :p
  13. lilredjetdiwagon

    Advice: Buying a TDI now?

    we have two, '10 and '12 with all the goodies. Wish I had the money, would definitely buy another one. There will never be any other Golf TDi like the MKVIs.... :)
  14. lilredjetdiwagon

    My LilRed is ill....

    A quick question to all the TDI gurus: I'll share the details later, but now, I'm being told that Lilred (@103k) needs a new DPF. Was suggested by a local guru that soon, the "recalls" might get them replaced by VW. Please suggest whether I need to get it replaced now or wait for the recalls...
  15. lilredjetdiwagon

    My LilRed is ill....

    I am going to obtain the list of repairs and share it with you.... That's all I can say at the moment.... :)
  16. lilredjetdiwagon

    My LilRed is ill....

    Oh Throwback7r, I forgot to add, they are NOT replacing the turbo. They said, it would be an additional grand to replace the turbo, so.... :)
  17. lilredjetdiwagon

    My LilRed is ill....

    Thanks cowgirlkaboom for your reply. I'll request them for the bad parts. Spoke to my service adviser yesterday, the "vacuum unit" was not opening/closing properly. Hence the cost to repair parts/labor $1,495.xx. Fortunately, we purchased extended warranty when purchasing the car from the...
  18. lilredjetdiwagon

    My LilRed is ill....

    Thanks j_martell and atsffan :) After hearing $1500, I geegled price of the turbo, and it wasn't that high.... Time will tell.... :)