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  1. SootHappens

    Low power, P0299, Turbo Actuator

    Supposedly it's straight up plug and play with the stock tune and you may not notice much difference. I went with Malone stage 4 tune and it's a huge increase in power. There may be someone out there that can comment on drive-ability using the stock tune.
  2. SootHappens

    Low power, P0299, Turbo Actuator

    When my actuator went at 180k miles, I opted for the PD140 turbo kit from IDparts.
  3. SootHappens

    LED headlights

    Yes, unfortunately the 25w resistors still get hot enough to melt plastic. It's probably best to mount it to something metal. For some reason, my car was happy to keep both lights on with the use of only one 25w load resistor, connected to the passenger side circuit but YMMV.
  4. SootHappens

    LED headlights

    I've been down the same road looking for a solution. After much research, I believe it's beyond the capabilities of VCDS. It seems that it can be turned off with a VAS tool, and is called 'warm diagnostics'. I went so far as to buy a (VAS 5054A ODIS V4.1.3) from ebay, but I couldn't get it to...
  5. SootHappens

    How to disable fuel pump

    Maybe just jump the starter solenoid.
  6. SootHappens

    2006 BRM - No Power

    I think you need to have the ECU reprogrammed for EGR AND anti-shudder delete, perhaps even the difference in the way the turbo actuator for the pd140 system works vs stock brm. I recently upgraded my BRM to use the PD140 turbo, dumb actuator, egr and cooler delete, but retained anti-shudder...
  7. SootHappens

    fix to high RPMs on idle?

    I've experienced fast idle when either the battery is low, or alternator got wet. The ecu ups the idle to increase the voltage and current. You can often reproduce this on a healthy car, by turning on all accessories, defrosters, heaters, etc and after a minute or so the idle will increase to...
  8. SootHappens

    30 Day Diesel-Geek Sigma 6 Short Shifter Review

    I concur, although I have the Sigma 5 (5-speed). One of the most satisfying mods I've done!
  9. SootHappens

    Mk 5 Jetta TDI front end clunk

    That sounds like the strut mount bearings. Mine started doing that on the passenger side. I waited until it was happening on both sides, then replaced the struts and mount assemblies.
  10. SootHappens

    GLI Fog Grille Question

    I have the open, but would choose closed if I did it again. A few spots in the open part of the honeycomb have broken, but still look fine. I just don't think it's necessary and would probably look better without the openings. -S
  11. SootHappens

    Cold weather window fogging

    It doesn't get very cold where I am, but I have noticed a few things. The Recirc setting can amplify this problem, so make sure it's off. You can turn on the AC with warm temp setting to quickly dry out the air.
  12. SootHappens

    broken mounts or loose subframe bolts?

    When I had the subframe clunk issue, My TTY bolts could not be 'tightened' - they just broke (fun to remove). I put in the ECS kit which uses Passat bolts that are much stronger. No more popping/clunking. I think the original TTY bolts stretch a little after awhile causing the issue.
  13. SootHappens

    Post your high mileage rides

    135k miles - Have done the dmf, rear brakes (x2), and shocks. link to a video of its condition 10k ago in my sig.
  14. SootHappens

    Boost Gauge+Pyrometer

    I've got an Osir vent pod with a McNally boost/egt. It works very well in this location. See "My YouTube" latest interior vids for example.
  15. SootHappens

    Increased Idle with the heat on

    I think the best way to test would be to put a volt meter on the battery and see where it settles at normal idle and high idle. I had some issues with my voltage regulator after washing the engine compartment. The voltage was erratic from 12-15v and caused the lights to flicker and high idle...
  16. SootHappens

    Increased Idle with the heat on

    Anytime the alternator load rises above a certain percentage, the ecu will bump up the idle to compensate.
  17. SootHappens

    Headlight mod question

    I'm no electronics major, but I think that using 'both' circuits could be done using some diodes. That way, when the dome light is feeding power to the bulbs, it won't backfeed to the normal city light circuit - and vice-versa
  18. SootHappens

    Headlight mod question

    I don't remember seeing the option in VCDS to change the function of the city lights. This 'slight modification' would prove to be fairly complicated. When I still had my original headlights, I put LEDs in the city lights. It required load resistors to keep the cecm from turning the circuit...
  19. SootHappens

    Squealing From Down Under (BRM)

    Hmm, By watching the video it sounds like plastic rubbing to me. Maybe check the plastic covers around the timing belt.
  20. SootHappens

    Battery terminals backwards now having issue

    OP, I'm familiar with your pain and as embarrassing as it is for me to admit, I've done this. A few years ago I bought an Optima battery and installed it backwards in mine. It was dusk and I just put the battery in with the posts on the same side as the original. I found out quickly that + and...