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  1. correcaminos

    170ppd wont go higher then 1.6bar

    2717, I know it.
  2. correcaminos

    170ppd wont go higher then 1.6bar

    extrange... here I have one with 1,7 bar boost without troubles. Are your car ok?
  3. correcaminos

    2.0 CR170 Turbo size

    Artur, log channel 75. EGT sensors are correlative (turbo, pre and post DPF)
  4. correcaminos

    BPX/BUK info ?

    There was a swiss edition (Marc Duez) with 163 cv
  5. correcaminos

    FS: new 2260vk !

    turbo is here! thanks a lot ;)
  6. correcaminos

    Looking for a GTB1756vk kit

    Rub87 has one 1756vk kit, and in low price range :D
  7. correcaminos

    GT2260. What's it good for?

    My God! 2,7 bar with oem internals :eek: I'm afraid of 2,2 in oem arl...
  8. correcaminos

    2260 spooling

    sorry, don't read pd130 long.
  9. correcaminos

    2260 spooling

    artur, you are crazy mate... 40º duration its very dangerous for your engine. inyection pressure drops fastly with those numbers and head piston has less time to go down in ºC... with my little experience i recomend you go for 36º max duration with oem injectors and no for a long use. This...
  10. correcaminos

    Where to buy hybrid GT15 in Europe

    Turbocentro in Madrid (spain) has good hybrids
  11. correcaminos

    MAF delete Q's and 4 bar MAP

    Could be 2? one for spain? ;)
  12. correcaminos

    MAF delete Q's and 4 bar MAP

    yes? where?? I need one!!:p
  13. correcaminos

    Pipework for a 2260 on PD150

    seat ibiza cupra tdi 160 pancacke has better desing that included flat zone I'm going to adapt this one :D
  14. correcaminos

    Vw Mkv 2.0 Tdi Performance Intercooler??

    It isn't the same core. 1cm plus deep for the s3 one.
  15. correcaminos

    EDC15/16 PD Tuning

    injection duration over idle, i think.
  16. correcaminos

    gtb2260vk build: stateside, aiming for the masses

    you do 2,1 bar (or more if you drive high) and 2 bar @ 5000 :eek::eek::eek::eek: bost in low rpms seems enough to kick your ass in a 1000 kg car :D I love your work, mate...
  17. correcaminos

    gtb1756vk vs. 17/56 hybrid

    I thought in 783 for me too, but 250 seems a little optimistic. The head stops the party over 230...:( and I'm not going to port the head in one car that makes 40.000 km per year.:(:(
  18. correcaminos

    gtb1756vk vs. 17/56 hybrid

    Ok Alex (sorry, if you preffer I call you majesty, no problem), I believe you but I'd seen cars in spain with some portuguese remaps who was over 43º duration and 0º SOI (16º longer duration and 0º timming). One friend has 39,9º duration and no SOI with 2256v and the car dynoed 232cv. this car...