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  1. WVU TDI

    Rear rotor confusion on a 2015 Passat SEL

    I don't mind the plug, ordered plenty from you guys in the past, glad to again. Looks like the fernax are oos for the front, but I've had good luck with Zimmermann parts before.
  2. WVU TDI

    Rear rotor confusion on a 2015 Passat SEL

    So my mom picked up a 2015 Passat TDI SEL from a dealership in North Carolina a few months ago. It's now at 80kish miles, and has developed a rather pronounced shudder when braking at highway speeds. Considering the mileage and a lack of service records, we're going to go ahead and replace...
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    What would you replace your TDI with????

    Went from my '01 Golf TDI, to my 2010 Golf TDI, then moved really close to work and swapped the 2010 for an FJ Cruiser Trail Team, got bored of it, now I'm in an E60 M5 (dat V10 wail), and now looking for another ALH to beat on. Full circle!
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    VCDS VAG-COM Locator

    Unfortunately I need to remove myself from the list. Moved a couple years ago and apparently lost my cable in the move.
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    2010 4-door Golf TDI 6m. $14,500 in West Virginia

    Bump from the fiery depths of page 2.
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    2010 4-door Golf TDI 6m. $14,500 in West Virginia

    Bump. Got a little action but no ones bringing me any money yet.
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    2010 4-door Golf TDI 6m. $14,500 in West Virginia

    Thanks for the bump, kirmet. Are you in the Beckley area
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    2010 4-door Golf TDI 6m. $14,500 in West Virginia

    2010 4-door Golf TDI 6m. Sale Pending!! SALE PENDING!! thanks tdiclub!! 2010 Golf TDI 4-door with the 6-speed manual. Blue Graphite Metallic, 69xxx miles (did the 70,000 mile service back in February). Has every option available except sunroof and nav, so that means Xenon headlights, cold...
  9. WVU TDI

    Trading my Jetta for a Leaf

    Similar scenario Having recently moved from having a ~ mile 98% highway round trip for work everyday, I'm now dealing with a ~3 mile all city round trip every day. Initial thoughts were to trade the Golf in on a Leaf and use my gf's 2010 Legacy or steal my dad's 2013 Passat TDI for trips.
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    TURBO: Please report NMS turbo failures here. [not a discussion thread!]

    Was my dad's car, but I'll try to fill in the blanks as best I can. Miles on car at failure: 9500 Build date: 7/12 Corrective actions from dealership: Replaced Turbo and gaskets, still waiting for full invoice Outside air temps at failure: 35*F Failure warning signs, if any...
  11. WVU TDI

    Mileage To Date-How Many Months-Major Issues?

    2013 Passat 9529 miles turbo broke on 1/20/13 Dealer had to get turbo from Germany got the car back on 1/29/13
  12. WVU TDI

    TURBO: 2012-2014 Passat turbo failures [discussion thread]

    Lost turbo on 2013 Passat with 9500 miles last Sunday. Car now at the dealer. the turbo has to come from Germany. Dealer said may be 2 weeks. Road side asstiance was quick to get a tow truck, and assisted in getting a rental at 6:30 pm on a Sunday evening. With the fact we was 120 miles away...
  13. WVU TDI

    Charleston, West Virginia

    My dad and I use Growler for all of our work. I'm in Fairmont, WV and my dad is in Bradley, WV and we highly recommend Growler.
  14. WVU TDI

    My line-x'ed 04 TDI

    Remove hood scoops NOW