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  1. caddywompus

    WTB 1997 Passat sedan trunk lid lock assembly

    Couple bits i found, no keys or other parts:
  2. caddywompus

    WTB 1997 Passat sedan trunk lid lock assembly

    10-4 I’ll see if i can come up with anything.
  3. caddywompus

    WTB 1996 VW Passat TDi original radio

    Sorry can’t help you there, but i do have a 6-disc changer from a B4V as well as an OE radio that’s inop and for parts only. LMK if you have any interest in either of those.
  4. caddywompus

    WTB 1997 Passat sedan trunk lid lock assembly

    Do you have a pic of this stuff? I’ve got some misc parts from that vintage B4 in bins mixed in with some MK3 jetta stuff. A pic or p/n would help.
  5. caddywompus

    Eurovan BEW - No start/fuel

    Sorry I reread your post and see you said no other codes present…. Weird one….
  6. caddywompus

    Eurovan BEW - No start/fuel

    Sounds like a possible IMMO lockout situation. What do you see when you scan for codes w VCDS?
  7. caddywompus

    Sold - Conversion parts kit for 1Z/AHU swap into T4 Eurovan

    I’ve never seen a VR6 AT to MT adaptor plate out in the VAG universe. In the past 2-decades I have seen a total of 2 factory T4 VR6 MT unicorns pop up FS so those do exist. Rare but the OE parts are out there. BTW, you might get more mileage out of this query if you start a new thread ;-)...
  8. caddywompus

    99 Eurovan T4 TDI conversion

    Hmm I have a few 02Bs around, 2 EWBs and one regeared CCW w/20k miles and a guy coming from Pocatello tomorrow to pick up one. Two of these have a broken cases. Sorry I don't have any 02Ds. If you're looking for your syncro that's what you need.
  9. caddywompus

    99 Eurovan T4 TDI conversion

    Hi Paul, Good to hear from you! No I'm not gonna get back into the shop grind in that way. My wife's the primary breadwinner now and life is good as a stay at home dad and with VWs as a hobby, I can't complain. I've been busy lately with my van in the shop doing a bunch of body resto work and...
  10. caddywompus

    99 Eurovan T4 TDI conversion

    Been a long long time since I've been on here. Raising kids, health issues, life changes, etc. took front and center for me over the last 5+ years. I'm just getting around to responding to the Peloquin LSD question from Rocco 8-yrs later and sadly no as far as I know they don't have one for the...
  11. caddywompus

    02b lsd options ?

    02b lsd Leider nicht. Unfortunately not as far as I know. Several years ago I worked on a project to develop one with Peloquin including shipping him an 02B Trans for proofing/measurements but in the end his (Peloquin Gary's) needs for production (timing, qty and cost--10units min, $5k...
  12. caddywompus

    AHU swap into 93 Eurovan Weekender

    The right side drive axle is the same for auto/manual trans on the T4 92-2003, but the L side is different for auto/manual so you need to source the manual drive shaft for the L side when doing this conv, p/n 701 407 271P. The manual L side drive shaft is 10mm longer than the auto one Justin
  13. caddywompus

    AHU swap into 93 Eurovan Weekender

    I've done a several T4/AHU conversions and have experimented with a variety of trans/gear ratios. Hands down the EWB 02B trans is the best solution I have found, but the engine build/tune must be adequate to support that tall geared trans. I have installed the 4.23 in a number of stock CHP...
  14. caddywompus

    1998 VW Jetta TDI Part out, Smithsburg MD zip 21783

    I'll take the harness and ECU. PM sent.
  15. caddywompus

    FS: 10mm injection pump

    I'll take it. PM sent.
  16. caddywompus

    FS: Lots of parts

    I'm interested in your coolant GP flange, lug bolt set and brake bleeder. Pm sent. Thx, J
  17. caddywompus

    01 passat grill support bracket

    I'm searching for this part but VAG is letting me down: 3B0 807 189 also listed as: Z5B 3B0 807 469 Anyone holding one in your spare parts bin? Have money will PayPal. Thx!
  18. caddywompus

    AHU turbo, manifold, downpipe, egr for sale

    Interested in the exhaust manifold, PM sent.