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  1. leon10tagg

    B5.5 Wagons

    Its been a long time but work has started on the Passat Trendline again, as its been laid up following thee purchase of a new daily motor. This time I'm fitting StrongFlex rear beam mount poly bushings. The CR1756 hybrid is having a check over and new seals fitted and an uprated camshaft is...
  2. leon10tagg

    CFFB CR motor tuning

    Has anyone been tuning the CFFB motor with good results? If so what sort of mods have been applied.
  3. leon10tagg

    Fitted R520s and misfire?

    I've always used Keith for injectors fitting and far great customer support. Regards bedding in of nozzles Keith did say to me that one of my R783s was slightly out but that this would settle down after some running time. In my book this is bedding the injector in.
  4. leon10tagg

    Fitted R520s and misfire?

    Had a set of R783 nozzles set up and calibrated by a UK shop. They did however report that one injector was out of balance with the rest. After a weeks running on the motor the missing stopped, which they said might happen. So maybe the injectors on your friends car will settle down or bed in...
  5. leon10tagg

    Ported heads problem

    Who did the head work?
  6. leon10tagg

    How many miles on your B5.5 TDi?

    Up to 167k miles or 267k kms.
  7. leon10tagg

    B5.5 Wagons

    I fitted an Eibach front ARB to the silver trendlie car which has really tightened things up. I've also purchased an Allroad bottom brace for the car which I intend to fit next week. Currently the car is running with a tuning box and boost controller which provides a lot more torque. At present...
  8. leon10tagg

    B5.5 Wagons

    Its the complete set for the front suspension.
  9. leon10tagg

    C Sensor wiring diagram

    Just reposting in the hope that someone has the info....
  10. leon10tagg

    C Sensor wiring diagram

    Would anyone have a wiring diagram for the 3 bar MAP C Sensor. I'm looking to compare it to a 3.5bar sensor to fool the ecu into providing a little bit more boost.
  11. leon10tagg

    PIPERCAM 272º camshaft upgrade

    Yes the Newmans regrind is a great option and not expensive. I've fitted a couple of them to VE motors with consistent results. Currently they do not have an option for a new blank grind.
  12. leon10tagg

    Passat B5 afn syncro possibilities

    I agree that the Newmans regrind will provide a very useful increase mid-range and top end. Also they are not expensive.
  13. leon10tagg

    Lowering compression on the ALH engine

    IF I were to fit the pistons from an AJM/ATJ/AUY to my ALH engine would they be strong enough to run with a set of Hi-FLO .272s, an 11mm pump, uprated cam and gtb2260?
  14. leon10tagg

    Best turbo for 350/400HP 1.9 TDI PD

    Tractor turbo?
  15. leon10tagg

    Silver GTTDI PD115 AJM

    I've aquired a complete pd150 front panel with front mount intercooler, airbox, maf and snorkel for £50. The parts need a real good clean but they are in good servicable condition. So thats a few less bits I need for the car.
  16. leon10tagg

    B5.5 Wagons

    I've now ordered a set of OEM caliper hangers to enable me to fit 312mm discs to my B5.5 Passat. Its due a set of pads anyway as the brake light has just come on and the discs have seen better days. Given that the engine will have a bit more power (hopefully around 200whp) it needs the brakes to...
  17. leon10tagg

    B5.5 Wagons

    One of the original pd cans I bought from Newmans wore prematurely. Anyway it took a while for me to get the cam returned for evaluation. However all has ended well as they are going to replace the cam for me with one of their 9.9mm versions. So it will be headed to my Highlines motor and the...
  18. leon10tagg

    B5.5 Wagons

    Bought another ebay special short shifter for the Trendline. Previously fitted one to my Highline and it worked quite well.
  19. leon10tagg

    2002 Golf

    Nice looking car with lots of subtle mods.
  20. leon10tagg

    Passat AWX injector swap

    I was not aware that the Touareg had pd injectors as I always thought the engines were CR motors?