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    How Much Longer Must I Wait for a 2015 Sportwagen.

    I don't think that golf / wagon sales are driven primarily by a price difference. Folks who buy the wagon do so because they prefer a wagon, and those who buy a Golf prefer the smaller hatch. I have a 2010 JSW and I recently checked out the 2015 Golf. It's a nice car, but not enough room for...
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    Sound Off on Current Diesel Price

    What do you mean "stuck" - I would imagine that fuel turnover at most stations is a day or two at most, and smaller stations would probably have smaller tanks. If a station had a larger 10,000 gallon tank, that would take 500 fillups at 20 gallons each, or about 20 cars an hour. The busier...
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    Sound Off on Current Diesel Price

    Long Island Hess stations average about $2.75 for RUG, $3.29 for D2. That's almost exactly a 20% spread. I consider anything under about a 12% difference a wash, since D2 has about 12% more energy per gallon than RUG.
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    Sticky Door Lock

    A little graphite won't hurt, and it may help. I never use the door lock or key, but on older cars I've used graphite with good results.
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    Anyone interested in the eGolf?

    Yes, PSEGLI is similar. At least your power company understands that EVs exist, PSEGLI has no information on how to utilize any rate programs for EV charging.
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    Anyone interested in the eGolf?

    We have TOU, but the daytime cost is astronomical, and my household has a significant daytime use. PSEGLI rates are not designed to favor the consumer, or encourage off-peak usage, or EVs.
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    Anyone interested in the eGolf?

    I agree that at 12-cents the cost is very favorable. Getting to that discount here on LI is just too expensive. Yes, a separate meter and line is required, as per PSEGLI, and it also includes a separate daily base charge. In effect, that line is treated as a separate account. Not very EV friendly.
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    Anyone interested in the eGolf?

    As long as you're not waiting for the cheaper Tesla.:rolleyes:
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    Anyone interested in the eGolf?

    On Long Island the utility installs the meter, the homeowner must set up the separate line and meter pan, and all inside wiring. I also have a 40-50 foot run to the garage, as all my utilities are on the other side of the house. It's the roughly $2k initial install that's one major hurdle here...
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    Anyone interested in the eGolf?

    I agree that anyone waiting for a $30k Tesla will be waiting a long, long time... I'm betting that their next generation "affordable" EV will be at least $40k for the most basic trim style. As for a Telsa-size battery, each gen of EV batteries will be smaller, lighter, and more energy dense...
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    Anyone interested in the eGolf?

    What did it cost you to set up a dedicated electric meter and the wiring for the EVSE? It would run about $2k here on Long Island just for the separate meter and circuit, without the EVSE. That $2k would buy me about two years worth of diesel fuel.
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    Anyone interested in the eGolf?

    OP -I see you live in Massachusetts - winter range will not be anywhere near 70 - 90 miles. Based on the performance of similar EVs in winter, real range would be about 40 - 60, or even less if it's getting close to zero outside. I think EVs will be a great idea once the real world range gets up...
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    Misfueling Guard - not liking it

    I had trouble at a couple of stations with the misfuel guard on my 2010 JSW, so I just pulled it out. Took about 2 minutes with a small screwdriver and a needle-nose pliers.
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    Information on the Current Price of Diesel Fuel...Worth reading

    Ouch! Spread here on Long Island is about 15 - 20%, but we're headed into the winter oil heat season. If it's another cold winter I expect to see a bigger spread, last year diesel was often about $1 more than gas. I like my 2010 JSW TDI, but it's no longer a real money saver given the price...
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    Sun Roof Drain Not Working Right

    My 2010 JSW TDI is at the dealer right now getting a pano roof leak fixed. Leak was in driver side rear drain, the drain hose connection failed, which appears to be a very common problem. Cost to fix the leak and replace all of the interior trim pierces that had water damage is a little under...
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    NHTSA Update on CR HPFP failure investigation

    That's 13 preventable deaths. If GM had owned-up to this issue when they first discovered it (law says five days), these deaths would have been prevented, and GM would have had a much smaller recall issue. I believe that GM's conduct in this matter was criminal, people should go to jail...
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    Has anyone else had their insurance go up?!!! Lame...

    Time to shop around - State Farm just low-balled your initial rate to rope you in, then jacked up your cost at the first renewal - a common practice with auto insurance, and also home insurance. I've switched before when this has happened to me - I have GEICO now - their year-to-year increases...
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    NHTSA Update on CR HPFP failure investigation

    Happy Birthday EA11003!!! The current NHTSA investigation was opened on 2/7/2011. At three years old it's one of the oldest open NHTSA investigations. We'll probably all be driving flying cars by the time NHTSA wraps this one up!
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    Brake Pads

    Anyone putting 120k or 250k (!) on a 2010 JSW is probably doing many, many highway miles - where braking is at a minumum. It's low speed urban / suburban stop-and-go that eats brakes. Anyone who spends a lot of time in stop-and-go is a candidate for an early brake job.