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    OBDeleven Scanner

    Correct. We want no parts of the legal or moral/ethical liability should someone be involved in an accident while distracted by watching a video. -Uwe-
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    Can you use Vagcom on Chromebook running Ubuntu?

    We never have. If someone can get it to work, that's cool by us. What "Not Supported" means is: Don't expect us to help you make it work, and don't complain at us if it doesn't work reliably or consistently. ;) -Uwe-
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    No more USB Hex-cam? (or is this just news to me?) Also VCDS-lite question.

    The original ISO-COM (introduced in 2000) and the later UNI-COM, which were both "dumb" single K-line serial interfaces, were priced at $199 including the VAG-COM license. -Uwe-
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    No more USB Hex-cam? (or is this just news to me?) Also VCDS-lite question.

    Your complaint has been noted and logged. ;) I didn't make that statement, but I think I already tried to clarify what Jetta ,97 was trying to say in post #12 in this thread. Yes, you can download and use the software from our site with any interface we've made/sold since 2004. -Uwe-
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    No more USB Hex-cam? (or is this just news to me?) Also VCDS-lite question.

    Correct. There was no room left for further functional enhancements in the old HEX+CAN interfaces, hence we could not make them compatible with some of the stuff going on in certain control modules in some model year 2016 (rest of world) and 2017 (North America) vehicles. Bear in mind that...
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    No more USB Hex-cam? (or is this just news to me?) Also VCDS-lite question.

    VIN-limited interfaces can be upgraded in the field if/when needed. The idea here is that people pay in a manner commensurate to the way in which they use the product. Oh, and just plugging it into a car, doing a scan, reading measuring values, and even clearing fault codes does not...
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    Too many communication errors (VagCom)

    What kind of power adapter is this? Details would be great. -Uwe-
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    PSA: Keep your VCDS computer up to date and use antimalware software

    If you're worried about VCDS, check the digital signatures on the EXE and DLL files. Right-click -> Properties -> Digital Signatures tab. Double-click Ross-Tech's signature. If the signature is OK, you can be pretty confident someone hasn't replaced 'em with anything sketchy. -Uwe-
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    basic settings on vcds version 14 help finding fuel pump bleeding

    The Passat's ECU uses a totally different diagnostic protocol than the older Jettas and that protocol (UDS) does not support the old numbered Basic Settings (or Measuring Value) "Blocks" or "Groups". -Uwe-
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    VCDS Mobile email notification this morning...

    G3TDI, some of the stuff you posted earlier is just plain wrong, and others have explained why. Also Santos has has done exactly what you seem to think can't be done, as have others. If you have a HEX-NET and you're having trouble making the same thing happen, come on over to our forum...
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    VCDS Mobile email notification this morning...

    VCDS-Mobile can't do that at the present time. I expect we'll add it at some point. -Uwe-
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    Can VCDS indicate vacuum/boost leak on MkIV Beetle?

    VCDS can only tell you what the car itself knows. The car MIGHT know that it has a leak, but I rather doubt it has any clue where the leak is. If you have a whistling noise, I would suggest that a stethoscope (even a home made one) is a more appropriate tool. -Uwe-
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    VCDS Mobile email notification this morning...

    In principle, if you use it with VCDS on a PC, you shouldn't be giving up anything. But I wouldn't recommend selling your HEX-USB first. The HEX-NET is a BETA product. It may have rough edges, glitches, and things that don't work quite as well as they should, yet. -Uwe-
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    VCDS Mobile email notification this morning...

    What kind of product is that (in general terms)? VCDS-Mobile is a scan tool, where the modules in the car are generally the limiting factor in performance and throughput. Unless of course you're using VW's own scan-tool (which Windows-based, but serious bloatware). Ours make theirs look...
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    VCDS Mobile email notification this morning...

    At the risk of repeating myself, VCDS-Mobile does most "non-invasive" diagnostics without needed a cloud connection, and of course, there's the ultimate back-up is to use the HEX-NET as an interface for the original VCDS program running on a PC. All of our dongle interfaces have been "fully SW...
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    VCDS beta 14.2.0 released!

    Any file or folder that's got a .old, .older, or .oldest extension is simply a backup of what was there before the installer ran. We do this because people sometimes fiddle with the contents of certain folders and complained rather loudly when older (many years ago) version of our installer...
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    VCDS Mobile email notification this morning...

    Wait, this whole sub-thread started out when someone asked why we didn't make VCDS-Mobile to work with generic, cheap, off-the-shelf OBD-II wireless interfaces. It's kinda tough to implement the timing dependent stuff in someone else's generic interface, don'tcha think? ;) Yeah...
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    VCDS Mobile email notification this morning...

    At which point the toolkit essentially becomes your platform and you're forever dependent on whoever made it to stay around and to support future versions of your target OSs, as well as any new OSs that come out and get popular. No thanks. We've been at this for a while (14 years now!) and...
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    VCDS SORD Module Replacement Error

    I think it's Seat Occupied Recognition Detection. More often, I've heard it called PODS for Passenger Occupant Detection System or (or something like that). -Uwe-
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    VCDS Mobile email notification this morning...

    Actually, we had units available in our store for most of the afternoon yesterday. However, we were able to reproduce and fix another bug and aren't taking any more orders until we've shipped the ones that were ordered yesterday. This is taking longer than it should because we're updating...