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  1. Tegrem

    Help finding Female Connector for my Orphan Male Connector

    I recently replaced my ignition switch on my 1996 B4S and discovered an orphan connector after I reinstalled the connectors adjacent to the steering column. I have looked everywhere! The orphan connector is a brown 4 pin male connector with the following wire colors. Pin 1 Brown with white...
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  3. Tegrem

    97 passat tdi complete coolant hose replacement sorce

    Thank you for the feedback Martin, I appreciate it. I was hoping the GEE-BEE 3-way hoses worked since I have already bought them and VW wants over $100 for both of them. Also good that Leonard likes GEE-BEE too. Thanks also for the heads up on the T-stat hose clamp being angled upward for...
  4. Tegrem

    97 passat tdi complete coolant hose replacement sorce

    3 Way Coolant Hoses under the Injection Pump Hello Martin, Just wondering if you had any issues with the two GEE-BEE 3 way hoses under the injection pump? Regards, Tegrem
  5. Tegrem

    97 passat tdi complete coolant hose replacement sorce

    5 Coolant Hose Replacement Hello Mike, I'm planning on doing the same 5 hose replacement and now have concerns - Good news on the lower radiator GEE-BEE hose fitting, but bad news that their 3 way hoses don't fit. What was the issue fitting the 2 GEE-BEE hoses under the injection pump? Were...
  6. Tegrem

    New to TDIClub? Introduce yourself here!

    Hello from new 1996 B4S owner Hello everyone! I just bought a 1996 B4S with 244K miles on it the first of this month. This is a West Coast vehicle that started life in Phoenix with stops in Utah and California, aka rust free. Not sure what I got myself into since my first maintenance task...
  7. Tegrem

    B4 lower radiator hose

    B4 Lower Radiator Hose Workarounds Possible workaround is to graft two hoses using a splice.O'Reilly already made.....part #MPR101 gets you one each of 1-1/4 , 1-1/2 and 1-3/4" OD splices. and only$3.49 for the pack Gates Power Grip Clamps use heat shrink to clamp together.Use this over the...