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    Czech Jawa 350 motorcycle!

    you'll probably need to be looking outside the US for this...
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    Possible BCM issue

    Are the battery and alternator both good? Did you try disconnecting the battery for a minute and then re-connecting?
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    Sticking carb needles help

    can you hit the float bowl a tap with a mallet or lump of wood?
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    The Mrs. finally got her Mini

    Umm... no Mini had torsion bars. Dry ones had rubber cones where the hydrolastic displacers were...
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    Ticking noise from engine

    check the injector hasn't come loose/ compression leak at it
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    2.0 cjaa exhaust issue ?

    Did you fit new gaskets everywhere and tighten to the required torque settings?
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    What diesel engine is this?

    It's an Isuzu, says so right on the block.
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    Replace OEM turbo ALH - is it hard?

    what radio do you have fitted?
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    v13 software (which hasn't any license requirements) and a clone adaptor will cost you about $60. Infact, as long as you don't need online access v16 is licensable too. I've got one, and it works very well (not that I've needed anything other than...
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    Umm... nope?
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    Car vibrates when in gear at 60mph

    Inner CV joints.
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    Who’s going to Tesla after their current TDI?

    What's this $3000 thing in the UK?
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    Americans are buying Teslas, not EVs, but experts say that's about to change

    I'm currently building a house. I've gone for well insulated but not passiv, we've air tested at 1.37ACH, I've 3.2kW of built-in solar, an air source heat pump, and a diverter to put excess solar into the hot water tank. All self designed and installed. House is 2700sqft, and daily demand from...
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    T5 2.5tdi Misfire strange Idle IQ now getting desperate !!!

    well if the heads coming off piston protrusion is worth checking, regardless of the compression numbers
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    T5 2.5tdi Misfire strange Idle IQ now getting desperate !!!

    presume there's plenty of fuel if you slacken the high pressure line at no5 injector @ idle?
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    Anyone ever seen a "stuck" MAP sensor?

    keep the ECU, change the rest of the car... Seriously tho, I'd be looking at supplies and grounds first on this one.
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    T5 2.5tdi Misfire strange Idle IQ now getting desperate !!!

    crank sensor and it's reluctor ring might be worth a look?
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    U.S. Comeback?

    ^ which won't happen even for the Euro market because they screwed themselves so badly. Anyway, SI technology- specifically Atkins-cycle has such high efficiency that diesel's hardly worthwhile now...
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    Who’s going to Tesla after their current TDI?

    So I went hybrid almost a year ago now. I've aimed to improve the mpgs with each car purchase, and the last car (Forester Diesel CVT) was better than the manual one before it, and pretty impressive for a sizeable AWD SUV. The Subaru would match the Govt economy figures, and excelled driving...