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    FS: Mk5 Stock Headunit (6 CD Changer - 3c8035180a)

    Cleaning out the garage - have this MK5 stock stereo for sale. I have the unlock code as well. No noticeable imperfections, soft touch buttons look good. Came out of my CC, but I believe it works in any Mk5 car. $45 shipped in US OBO upload image
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    FREE: Scangauge Cable & HU726/2X Oil Filter

    ALL ITEMS ARE TAKEN Cleaning out the garage, free items, you pay shipping, or local pickup in Mankato, MN area (I could also possible meet in Burnsville, MN area occasionally): Scangauge Cable Mann HU726/2X Oil Filter upload image Febi Thermostat Flange (038121121) upload image
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    FS: BEW EGR Valve 038131501

    Cleaning out the garage, still had this from a previous car. I had a persistent EGR code and replaced the valve, however, code did not go away, so I assume this valve is good. $80 shipped in US OBO upload image
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    Discounted TDI oil locator thread

    Rotella T6 is currently 46.69 for 3 gallons on Amazon Shell Rotella T6 Full Synthetic Heavy Duty Engine Oil 5W-40, 1 Gallon, Pack of 3 Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    Tapatalk error

    Yes it's working again for me as well. Thank you for fixing it! Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    Tapatalk error

    Same here, not working, still the same error.
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    Tapatalk error

    Someone else used the e-mail contact on the website a while ago, and I did, too, last week, I think, to ask about this, and ask mods to maybe chime in on this thread so we at least know what's going on and if there are any plans to address the issue. No response, and seems like no mods in this...
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    FS: Dieselgeek FMJ Side Skirts (brand new)

    SOLD I have a set of Dieselgeek full metal jacket side Skirts for sale. They were never installed, bought them for a car that I sold before I got a chance to put them on. Includes all hardware needed. I think you do need the DG panzer plate to install these. Asking $100 shipped anywhere in the...
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    MN Chat Thread

    This popped up on my Facebook yesterday, if anyone is interested in a parts car: He's asking $800, located in Mankato.
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    5th gear issue

    Don't know if adjusting the shifter cables could help or not, but it probably wouldn't hurt to try, it's pretty easy to do. There are videos and other tutorials around. Someone else may know more. Regarding fluid, it's just a sump and the gears pick it up and slush it around. Now 5th is...
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    Opening those strange clamps near the firewall.

    On my car (02 Golf ALH engine) the N75 (to vane actuator) is the far right (when looking from the front of the car), the N18 (to EGR valve) is to the left of it, and the N239 (to the ASV) is mounted on the intake manifold, right by the ASV vacuum actuator. Maybe yours is different? But that is...
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    Opening those strange clamps near the firewall.

    They are basically valves that are controlled by your engine computer to turn vacuum on and off to operate two things: the turbo vane actuator, which regulates how much boost your turbo makes, and the EGR valve, which recirculates exhaust gas into the engine for emissions reasons. I don't think...
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    Opening those strange clamps near the firewall.

    Are you talking about the solenoids? N75 & N18? They are on a bracket that comes off by removing a few nuts. They are well hidden and it's easy to drop them, so be careful.
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    Turn signal issues

    Thinking about what I posted there, unplugging the light assembly won't tell you anything, because that would remove a turn signal bulb, making the thing flash faster again. But certainly inspect them closely, and try unplugging individual brake light bulbs. Can also try just removing and...
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    Turn signal issues

    So I assume this did not start right after you replaced the relay? If it did, I would see if you can find another one to try. If it started independently, I would guess it's just by chance. But you should still make sure you got the right part number. You could try unplugging each of the rear...
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    MAF Graph Opinions

    Not sure if I'm following - what do you mean by A to D ripple? I'm not comfortable doing a 4th gear pull to redline on any of the roads around here, 3rd would be doable. I'll see if I can get around to that. OK, thanks, that's kind of what I thought. So I will inspect the plumbing between MAF...
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    Turn signal issues

    Mk4 don't have a combined bulb as far as I know. I would start by depressing the brake pedal with a 2x4 or something similar, activating turn signal, and stepping out to see if any bulbs are out of what's actually going on.
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    MAF Graph Opinions

    OK, I'm back with a weird issue on this car. I'll post in this thread, since it already contains what I did to the vacuum system, i. e checked/replaced everything. The car lately came up with a P0402 code, Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR): Excessive Flow So I took a look at the EGR valve and...
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    Tapatalk error

    I would love to donate and "earmark" my donation for that purpose. Maybe an admin/mod could chime in and let us know if that's possible/what it would take?
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    Oil cooler seals

    The cooler on my 02 was slightly different, there was no stud with nut, but rather you remove a large bolt basically. This is because we have the oil filter on top, not the screw on type on the bottom like the pictures show. The implication is that you don't need to remove the coolant hoses from...