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    Going 2266 in my CJAA CR2.0 TDI

    Increased weight, packaging issues, system complexity - not many tuners can or want to tune these setups. And like 486 mentioned HP turbochargers tend to wear very quickly. Proper turbocharger matching seems to be difficult for most of people and almost every setup I have seen have been more...
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    Going 2266 in my CJAA CR2.0 TDI

    I don't recommend 2-stage turbocharging if this is your daily driver. Actually I don't recommend it at all.
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    Going 2266 in my CJAA CR2.0 TDI

    So the only difference between these cars is a turbocharger? Same injectors, software, exhaust etc.? This is why boost pressure vs time is already better way to estimate transient performance than boost pressure vs rpm. Even better would be engine power against time but it's kind of...
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    Going 2266 in my CJAA CR2.0 TDI

    Low turbine efficiency and flow parameter will be most likely a limiting factor at higher rpm. Don't worry about swirl number. At least don't trust some random simulation results. Comparing just a boost pressure at given rpm is not really reasonable because it doesn't tell much about engine...
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    Audi A4 B5 1.9tdi Power Enhancment

    Pictures are with original actuator but I needed to change it to PWM one like arazvan2002 mentioned. However I managed to find one that fitted directly to original actuators place, just needed to make a new linkage rod. IIRC the actuator is from some Mercedes.
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    Audi A4 B5 1.9tdi Power Enhancment

    Flange was made of mild steel. I didn't want to cut original turbo since it wasn't broken. If you click at the picture you can view other pictures of the album.
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    Audi A4 B5 1.9tdi Power Enhancment

    There's not too much space in B5(.5) for GTD1752VRK but sure it's possible to fit. Using electronic actuator makes fitment easier but I think it's harder to make work with MSA15 than EDC15. Edit. Seems like with AHU exhaust manifold turbo is placed higher so it might make fitment (of any...
  10. Passat 3BG AVF GTD1752VRK

    Passat 3BG AVF GTD1752VRK

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    My build

    Kimmo, nyt se korkki kiinni!
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    Selection of pistons for 300 + HP

    HX40 with large monoscroll turbine housing would be a perfect LP turbocharger up to 450 bhp. You can use for example ASZ or ARL pistons with cut lip. There are also some 2.0 8V PD options and you sure find some info about them by using search. BTW stock rods are also forged ;)
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    1.9 TDI (2.0) 300 hp compression??

    IMO daily driver shouldn't smoke white at idle so I wouldn't decrease compression. Maybe consider changing rods if you are planning to drive hundres of thousands km:s with it.
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    MK2 ALH (Build Thread)

    You need quite a lot of power to achieve 180 mph trap speed in standing 1/2 mile. For example that Mk2 Golf in post #34 did only 175 mph and you can see from the video that there's a significant tailwind. Here's one example of standing mile with around 350 bhp:
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    MK2 ALH (Build Thread)

    What does 1/2 track mean? 1/2 mile?
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    volvo gtb2056vl vacuum conversion pics?

    I attached stop screw boss to actuator bracket. I also shortened the lever.
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    1.9tdi + P7100 picture.

    Bosch Interface description / Customer data sheet sure has been helpful when dealing with it. A friend of mine made Arduino based ECU and already got the engine running. This wasn't a TDI but next we are going to test it with my ALH. Progress has been very slow lately though. I'll continue this...
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    1.9tdi + P7100 picture.

    There are plenty of 4cyl VP44:s, for example in Opel, Ford and BMW. Some of 4cyl pumps are with 4 pistons. It's also quite simple to control via CAN if you know what you are doing.