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    FS: 15" Avus rims with Geolandar A/T tires and good tread – Seattle – $400 OBO

    Not sure about the date code – there were several mysterious numbers on there. BUT I have a receipt for purchase from TireRack on 12/27/2019 if that helps at all. Send me a PM if you'd like to meet up!
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    FS: 15" Avus rims with Geolandar A/T tires and good tread – Seattle – $400 OBO

    Thanks, jmodge! Anybody wanna buy them? I promise they are great!
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    FS: 15" Avus rims with Geolandar A/T tires and good tread – Seattle – $400 OBO

    Complete set of (4) mounted, balanced tires. There are about 10,000 miles on this setup and they drove great. RIMS – 5x100 "Avus", stock on Mk4 Volkswagens around 1990-2001. Should fit all Mk4's just fine. TIRES – Yokohama Geolandar G015 in size 205/70R15. 9/32" of tread depth remain so...
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  5. For Sale

    For Sale

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    ALH Crank Flange Drawing

    Following on here with a drawing of what I've got. I grabbed measurements from the above drawing with best guess at scale and they seemed to line up with what I've measured. Here's to hoping they are correct. The holes marked as 10.5mm diameter are obviously M10x1.0 taps on the crank...
  10. ALH Crank Bolt Pattern.png

    ALH Crank Bolt Pattern.png

    240524 – Best-guess measurements from drawing and existing unit
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    ALH TDI pinout.

    Thanks for the reply @AndyBees. What I'm trying to determine is whether I can tie pin 20 directly to an 12V, 8000 pulse-per-mile signal that's existing in the swap vehicle, or whether I will need to use a level shifter to match the signal that the ALH ECU is expecting already. Since the donor...
  12. Disco II Tachometer

    Disco II Tachometer

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    ALH TDI pinout.

    Hi folks, wondering if anybody can do a back-check for me on the following. Wanting to make sure I have the protocols right - the key question being whether 5V or 12V is the expected VSS. For the rest of them, I'm pretty sure I have it right but any and all input would be appreciated!
  15. ALH ECU Signal Protocols.png

    ALH ECU Signal Protocols.png

    For backchecking with the forum
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    ALH Crank Flange Drawing

    I'm curious if anybody has a highly-accurate or better yet factory drawing of the bolt positions on the crank flange. I've made rough measurements off mine, but am looking for a better reference. Here's what I'm looking for, from the common drawing that's going around: Thanks for the help, all!
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