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    FS: Osram LED headlights MK6 Blackout plug and play, $800 obo California

    I do not have the original packaging. But can pack them well :)
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    FS: Osram LED headlights MK6 Blackout plug and play, $800 obo California

    Hello! I have a pair of high quality super bright LED lights for our 2014 sport wagon. Brand new never installed! Still wrapped with plastic on the lens. These seem to be very hard to find plug and play version not readily available in the US. I see similar ones not plug and play on ECS tuning...
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    Plug connection
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    WTB 2006-2014 Jetta SportWagen manual 6 speed in CA

    Hey back on this form after awhile since I had to part with my mk3... We are looking for a SportWagen 6 speed. Mostly prefer an 09-11 but newer would work too. Around 100k miles or less. We are just North of San Francisco in the Bay Area. Let me know if you have something. Thanks!!
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    P1408 code?

    bump.... thinking might have to do with the broken vacuum lines i didn't see earlier :?) time for another test drive...
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    The "What did you do to your B4 today" thread...

    :) just meant the title of the thread not the door handles, thx tho! Wheres the "what did you do to your A3 today" thread...
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    The "What did you do to your B4 today" thread...

    What about us A3's :D Finished cleaning the intake manifold and got it all back together for a test drive. No codes for a whole hr whoo hoo!;) Finished doing the struts and tie rods a couple days ago too. Made my own ghetto strut tool to use on my torque wrench. Just welded a 22mm deep socket...
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    LF help/advice/mechanic maybe even a therapist

    Hey Eggman! How long have you been running Bio and what grade (100% etc)? I think the 96's use the old rubber fuel lines which break down from bio. So could be a leak. Also If newly running bio it cleans out sludge in the system from regular diesel which clogs fuel filters. Could also clog the...
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    1998 glx jetta for parting out?

    hey what color? Is it Blue? Would be down for the hood, trunk, and rear passenger door...
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    P1408 code?

    EGR Temp Circuit High? Hey, Just finished cleaning out the intake manifold to get rid of an error code (don't remember what it was, egr differentiation or something). Cleared the codes and drove around for about an hr then CEL came back on. My Scan Gauge says P1408 which on the trouble code...
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    Bently vs Hanes vs Alldata vs TDIClub

    HAAAHAAA!!:D very funny...point well made. Thanks for the input everyone. Gonna hold out and try to find a used Bently (don't have a pc so no disk version for me). Thinking about getting the alldata too. But my brother TDIClub is gonna help me for now. :D and the diy links on...
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    Bently vs Hanes vs Alldata vs TDIClub

    Hey all! I'm wondering what peoples preferences are for manuals. I have used Haynes and Chiltons in the past and was not satisfied with the content or lack of correct procedures. I'm wondering if the Bently is as bad (found a couple posts about them having errors as well and twice the price)...
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    May I present.. my new B4V

    Nice price! w the extra 5-7 grand you saved think off all you can do to it now:D
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    May I present.. my new B4V

    NICE! Glad you found one!:D