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    Blower Motor/Resistor Replcement

    Awesome! For some reason I thought this was a dreaded process. Thanks oilhammer!
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    Blower Motor/Resistor Replcement

    I've been searching for about an hour for a procedure for this as I believe it requires removal of the glove box. Can't seem to find one and unfortunately, a friend has borrowed my manual. Does anyone know of a procedure for this on here? 2003 Golf Thanks
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    cruise control mystery

    Cruise gets its speed signal from the speed sensor on the trans., which is the same sensor that works your speedometer. Any issues with the speedometer?
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    Fuel Level?

    Any idea how to do this? I don't mind the light, but the beep. Oh man, that beep.
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    2000 Jetta ALH, No Start, What I was Told

    Will it crank over without having to play with the clutch/transmission and just not start or do you have to play with the clutch/transmission to make it crank over?
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    Fuel Level?

    2003 Golf - above 1/2 tank there is no problem below 1/2 tank, the fuel level will drop while driving through turns. the lower the fuel level, it will start tripping the low fuel level alert beep and light on just about every turn. ~1/4 tank and below it trips the alerts constantly. I am...
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    2001 Golf 5-spped Parts Car or Partout

    due or close to being due, I'd have to look. it did not break.
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    2001 Golf 5-spped Parts Car or Partout

    ~308K miles, runs & drives. Salvage title due to a slight hit in the front left corner at ~270K. There is some rust, needs a TB but lots of good parts. I have records back to ~60k. Retiring because I bought an '03 with 134K. I'd rather sell the whole thing rather than part it out so I'll...
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    Tightening factory roof rack

    There is a keyed cover on the outside. Open the cover with the key and the is a button head allen screw that needs tightening.
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    Antenna Cable Routing

    What is the concern with the airbag? If I disconnect the battery, will that eliminate any possible issues?
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    Antenna Cable Routing

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    Antenna Cable Routing

    Found some threads regarding the routing. Is it possible to replace the connector on the antenna base end?
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    car cant pick up ANY radio stations

    antenna base is bad.
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    Antenna Cable Routing

    Forgot, 2003 Golf
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    Antenna Cable Routing

    Any idea how much of a PITA is is to replace this. Long story short, I bought a car and the radio didn't really pick up stations. Went to change the antenna base and saw that the plugs had been pulled off the antenna base lead and cable to stereo. They had been "cobbed" back on but are...
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    1996 Passat TDI for Sale

    I offer $5
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    05 passat wagon 6 speed

    that is one sweet car!
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    2002 Wagon 5 speed 2nd Owner

    "someone else" apparently doesn't care about their own for sale thread. Why should anyone else?
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    2001 VW Jetta TDI 5-speed 122K miles For Sale $6000 Pawling, NY

    click the link next to "pictures" in the OP
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    Wrecked my 03 Jetta Tdi wagon.

    I got almost $5K for my 2001 Golf with 277K ish miles. it is in their best interest to close these things out. Do not agree to or sign anything until you are happy with what they give you.