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  1. Rembrant

    2013 Golf TDI hard starts when warm

    The TSB has already been done. The car has the cold weather intercooler kit now. It was done prior to me buying the car from VW last year with only about 16,000 miles on it. I guess it isn't working. I'm going to pull the hose this weekend and clean it out, and run a VCDS autoscan to see what...
  2. Rembrant

    Hard Start / No Start - Is your intercooler frozen? Check Here!

    Ok, fair enough. I can do that. Is this something that should be done every oil change, or more (much more) often?
  3. Rembrant

    Hard Start / No Start - Is your intercooler frozen? Check Here!

    I am having intercooler issues also, and my car apparently has the cold weather intercooler kit. Is there a way to test it with VCDS? Or do I need to take the thing apart and drain the water out of it anyway? Any comments good or bad on what I need to do? I took it to the dealer and it is...
  4. Rembrant

    2013 Golf TDI hard starts when warm

    Well now...I must go do some reading I guess... Is there a fix for the fix? I thought this had been fixed on my car.
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    2013 Golf TDI hard starts when warm

    Hi Folks, I haven't been on here in ages. Car had been working well and just racking up the miles. I have been having a random issue with it that wasn't making much sense to me until recently. The car starts fine down to -18C (the coldest days we've had this winter) but it intermittently would...
  6. Rembrant

    Unusually long regen normal?

    Hi Folks, I have my Ultragauge set up to watch cat temps so I could see when the car was in regen mode. It was a mild curiosity that I have since gotten over and was just about ready to disable the alarm so that I wasn't getting the beeps, and then yesterday morning I noticed an extra long...
  7. Rembrant

    Auto regen, best practices?

    I was leaving mine running if it was in a regen, but that quickly got old as thing seems to be in regen all the I do over 3000 miles per month, so I guess I'm going to see regens more often. I'll shut the car off now and the regen just pics back up when you get going again and the...
  8. Rembrant

    Rim recommendations

    I was in the same situation with my 2013 Golf and the standard 16" rims. I bought a set of 17" Salamanca rims and installed new Pirellis and I love them! The Salamanca rims seem to be much more common on cars in the US, while here in Canada the defacto 17" rims seem to be something like 90%...
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    When will/do you use sport mode?

    I've only put about 6500 miles on my new-to-me 2013 Golf, and I haven't used sport mode yet, and likely never will for any type of normal driving. I will probably use it for trailer towing once I get my hitch installed. I think that would be a good use for the higher shift points.
  10. Rembrant

    Regeneration parameters if any.

    My 2013 Golf did this a couple times recently as well. If you are monitoring the regens are you also monitoring coolant temps? My car had been sitting for quite a long time as well, and the regen began very shortly after driving it again. I noticed that it REstarted right around the same time...
  11. Rembrant

    Tire recommends - '17 Porto alloy wheels

    I just installed a new set of these same Pirellis in 225/45/17 on VW Salamanca wheels. VW Dealer sells them and had a 50% off installation sale so I thought I'd give them a try. Only have a couple thousand miles on them but I like them so far.
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    DPF diesel particulate filter care & question thread

    I have the standard EM Plus V1.2, purchased about 5 years ago now I think. I had it on a couple previous TDI's. It does not read EGT or Oil temps. I have it set to monitor Cat Temp Bank 1 Sensor 1, and it clearly shows the regens happening. I think if I was buying a new one now I'd go for the...
  13. Rembrant

    DPF diesel particulate filter care & question thread

    Yes, but don't pay $127 for it. You can buy it direct from Ultragauge in the US for around $79 bucks.
  14. Rembrant

    DPF diesel particulate filter care & question thread

    I've been watching the regens on my 2013 via a windshield mounted Ultragauge, and I have an alarm set for 875F to tell me when they're happening. I was surprised to see how often they're happening. I only purchased this car recently, and I'm only watching the regens out of curiosity more than...
  15. Rembrant

    Stereo upgrades?

    I just installed one of these in my 13 Golf and I am quite happy with it. Question: Does the 330+ work with the steering wheel controls? I don't have steering wheel controls, but it is a swap I'd consider if I found the parts cheaply enough.
  16. Rembrant

    Help me identify a filter

    I've only owned my 2013 TDI Golf for a few weeks, so I haven't been underneath it yet...but I wonder if you're looking at the EGR Valve/Cooler assembly?...
  17. Rembrant

    2013 JSW Bent Wheel, Covered By CPO?

    I feel guilty for spending so much on a set of wheels, but I've had such bad experiences buying used wheels I'm trying really hard not I passed up on a couple sets of Portos and other OEM wheels locally because of scuffs and scratches, and it seems like every time I've purchased a set...
  18. Rembrant

    2013 JSW Bent Wheel, Covered By CPO?

    Shipping was pretty quick. I'm in Canada, but had the wheels shipped to Maine where I picked them up. I ordered them on a Sunday (I think) and I'm pretty sure they shipped them out the next day. They came from Fort Wayne IN according to UPS and they were in Maine by Thursday, so I was pretty...
  19. Rembrant

    2013 JSW Bent Wheel, Covered By CPO?

    I just bought a set of wheels from these guys and actually just had them installed on my Golf at the VW dealer this morning. They did seem kinda sketchy lol, but I'm pretty happy with them.
  20. Rembrant

    Stupid questions

    Unless you shut the car off while it is performing a regen, you will likely never notice it IS happening. If you install a Scangauge or an Ultragauge, you can monitor regens. I've been watching mine for a couple weeks now over a few thousand miles, and they're really obvious (I have an alarm...