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  5. Pharmboy

    What is a reasonable asking price for a 2001 Golf?

    Brand new as in less than fifty miles on them.
  6. Pharmboy

    What is a reasonable asking price for a 2001 Golf?

    With brand new tires? Nah. $1200 around here will get you an old Chevy Cavalier though.
  7. Pharmboy

    What is a reasonable asking price for a 2001 Golf?

    It’s a manual. 20 years on the original clutch...not sure if that’s a selling point though..
  8. Pharmboy

    What is a reasonable asking price for a 2001 Golf?

    No listings in my area for older TDIs unfortunately..the trade in value was basically non existent which is too bad, it drives and handles well.
  9. Pharmboy

    What is a reasonable asking price for a 2001 Golf?

    We have a new vehicle with much needed awd, and we are looking to sell our Golf. What should I ask though? 133,000 miles, some rust on front of doors, Ac does not work, turbo and steering rack replaced, aluminum skid plate installed and brand new tires. It will be up for a TB soon, the last one...
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  11. Pharmboy

    Battery size question 01 Golf

    Thanks all-I guess I'll see what happens when the weather cools a bit.
  12. Pharmboy

    Battery size question 01 Golf

    Our TDI stopped starting, we brought it to our mechanic as I thought it was the starter. He installed a new battery but the battery looks too small in the tray. It seems to start and run fine but I am worried about cold weather starts later in the year. He put in : Megatron ll rd6 MT 47-H5 CCA-...
  13. Pharmboy

    Glow plug open fault

    I replaced a single one a couple of years ago with no problems.
  14. Pharmboy

    lost rim center cap

    Glue it in with JB Weld- this happened to mine also- they pop off at carwashes-
  15. Pharmboy

    01 Golf seat heaters not working-

    update Now the damn thing's working. I put it on 5 and it started to work. Put it down to 1 and it was warm like it should be. Go figure.
  16. Pharmboy

    01 Golf seat heaters not working-

    Both the driver and passenger seat heaters not working-seems like one or the other would go out first. Any ideas on what I should check first ? I already checked the fusebox. Yay November!
  17. Pharmboy

    New battery

    Window problem The clamps that hold the window in place are plastic. Cold makes them snap under stress when the window is frozen in place. A new cable/metal clamp assembly is about $45 U.S.. Takes an hour or so to install- this happened to me a while ago . Did you have to re-code the radio? I...
  18. Pharmboy

    Drivers side power window fell in door

    This happened to me today as well. I put the metal clips in a couple of years ago after the plastic clips broke. Guess I'll use adhesive this time-
  19. Pharmboy

    Smoke at startup

    Whitish-blue smoke, smells like burning diesel. One fair sized billow -5 seconds- upon starting the car and then it runs as normal.
  20. Pharmboy

    Smoke at startup

    Seems to be a bit smokier upon starting, especially in colder weather- car has 84,000 miles on it and runs good otherwise- injectors?