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    UPsolute OBD-FLASH tuning now available in MA

    Just an FYI I have received the new UPsolute OBD-FLASH tuning system, this will allow me to now offer support for 2004+ PD models without ECU removal or shipping. The system also supports some later-model TDi, and can be used for new installs, or stage upgrades/return to stock for existing...
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    RC, UP or Dieseltuning's box for 05 PD?

    If this should happen you can get re-flashed for just a small labor fee with proof of ownership.
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    places to chip in NE

    I can set up an install for you, nights/weekends are possible if you want to drive down. send me your car info. -Scott
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    New guy !

    UPsolute has a few reps in the UK for a local installation, contact info is at
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    new problem to me, hope fix is not too $$$

    have look at spec and actual MAF values and also boost pressure....your MAF could be going bad.
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    Other mods to go with an Upsolute chip?

    Sometimes the standard files get revised over time based on feedback. If this happens, you get the latest code for free, you just pay labor/shipping. Stage II chip is different than stage I, it is remapped to work the best with the larger nozzles. If you are a registered UPsolute stage I chip...
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    UPsolute holiday chip $75!!!!

    Please check with your local rep. for CDN pricing...I'm pretty sure it's not 1:1 though (the dollar is getting weak but not that much just yet!). Rebate offer ends this weekend! -Scott
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    UPsolute holiday chip $75!!!!

    HQ has authorized a holiday chip's the detail! Get chipped before December 18th, 2004, and get a $75 rebate *plus* a XMAS gift by mail from HQ. The rebate is $75 US for US customers and $75 CDN for CDN customers. Rebate form is provided at the time of chip install and *must* be...
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    New Passat TDI vs 1.8t?

    1.8T 4-mo with 5-M is no more for US market 2005. It was a 1/2 year option in 2004. (Lucky me, I have one ) oil spec. has been revised and they now install the big diesel filter to increase capacity to address the sludging issue. They are great cars esp. with the current incentives! take a...
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    Upsolute Chip w/Remote?

    yes the remote switch is available in the US. Typically it's a $150 option. The chip is pretty linear in power, so its still "easy to drive easy" if you want to.
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    Pics of new UPsolute HQ in Austria!

    For the curious.....some pics of the new "mothership"..
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    UPsolute Chip Tuning will be at the 'fest

    UPsolute Chip Tuning will be at the \'fest Hi: Just wanted to post a quick FYI...I'll be attending the Sunday tech session and will be offering UPsolute Chip Tuning installation on-site for those who may be interested. We will be waiving our usual $25 ECU fee for the event, so all TDi chips...
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    Chip Vs Plug-n-Play HP

    you will get some gains with a tuning box but the chip will give you more. We dyno tested our chip against a tuning box back in March at a GTG, I'll see if I can get a copy of the plot. Probably several already floating around on the site though....
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    Upsolute Chip + Dyno day special March 27th in CT

    [ QUOTE ] What chip programs do you have available for the TDI? Do you have the larger injector program for .205s and .216s? [/ QUOTE ] We have standard and large injector programs for most if not all TDi's, send me an email with your application and I'll check.
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    Upsolute Chip + Dyno day special March 27th in CT

    I don't think Rene will be there. We'll have the following reps. at the event: John Achille - NJ John Marques(My Garage Inc.)- CT Bill Caswell (Adrenaline Racing)- NY Scott Ramsey - MA
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    Upsolute Chip + Dyno day special March 27th in CT

    bump! reminder the event is this Saturday, 3/27. If you'd like to get chipped, please drop me an email: -Scott
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    Upsolute Chip + Dyno day special March 27th in CT

    Hi: Wanted to announce that the Upsolute North East Region reps haved teamed up to put together a springtime chip + dyno day! We are offering reduced prices on select chips and dyno runs, FOR THIS EVENT ONLY. Those just wishing to dyno are also welcome to attend, although the dyno discount...
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    UPSOLUTE Chip Tuning in MA

    bump, spring is coming
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    UPSOLUTE Chip Tuning in MA

    Hi: Just wanted to let everyone know that I'm now a distributor for UPSOLUTE Chip Tuning. I'm located in Shrewsbury, MA 01545 (Boston Metro-West). UPSOLUTE offers chips and other performance tuning solutions for TDi's, as well as most other VW, Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Volvo, and Porsche cars...