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    How long did you wait on phone?

    My docs were rejected because I couldn't enter co-applicant information and there is nowhere on the website to update it. 3.5 hours in.
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    How to: Replacing the Adblue Heater & Temp Sensor Module

    I've driven for months with the light on, but I live in Texas so it never gets to 12F, the freezing point of DEF. And yes, it still uses DEF like before.
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    How to: Replacing the Adblue Heater & Temp Sensor Module

    Will that heater replacement kit work in the Passat? The part numbers are different.
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    Anyone smell coolant at shutdown?

    We had the same smell since the car was new, 2013. Dealer said the water pump was leaking and replaced it and the TB under warranty.
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    A Possible 100 MPG Diesel Engine

    Does anyone know about the Niama Reisser? Sounds like an interesting engine.
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    How does the throttle on a diesel engine work?

    I'm sorry if this question has been asked before, but I was wondering how a throttle on a diesel engine works. I am very familiar with gasoline engine and know that the throttle blades is what controls the idle on a gas engine, but since the diesel has no butterfly, how does it work? Is it the...