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    Electrical Weirdness

    Figured it out. Turns out that fuse S21 was blown. This is the fuse provides power to the trunk closing mechanism and apparently th cluster or part of it. Replaced the fuse and all is well - at least for the moment. Don't know why it blew - old age I hope. Thanks for all the help and the...
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    Electrical Weirdness

    This is a weird problem. The symptoms are: 1)trip odometer resets to zero every time the car is turned off, total odometer works ok, 2) clock resets to 1:00 everytime the car turns off, counts minutes when the car is running, 3) trunk open light is on even when the trunk is securely closed, and...
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    A few questions before I clean my intake manifold

    In a previous discussion on this topic someone suggested putting a little valve grinding compound on the hex driver to make sure it doesn't slip. This is an excellent suggestion. I didn't follow it on my first attempt and almost rounded out one of the bolts.
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    A3 1Z Noise on Start Up

    My money is on the bendix. If it is the ignition switch it isn't too tough of a job. I replaced the ignition switch on my 1996 Passat using the instructions I found on this site. There is a great write up on it - try the search function. It suggests an excellent method of getting the collar off...
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    Oops! Storage comparment door broken

    I reached to the back seat with the storage compartment lid or door open (the compartment between the front seats) and broke both hinges. Does anyone no how to remove this unit or otherwise access the hinges. I plan to try glueing the broken pieces back together. Has anyone had any success doing...
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    Ignition Switch Recall

    Has anyone else received a recall notice on the electrical portion of the ignition switch? I received one this weekend a couple of days after replacing mine. There is a process for getting reimbursed. We'll see how smoothly that works.
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    Who has a Vag-com, scan tool, and where?

    Does any have a vag-com tool in southeast Ohio or north/west West Virgina? I'm in the Parkersburg area.
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    Help! Ignition switch is shorting out headlights, wipers, fan

    This forum is awesome! Metalnerd, Just Some Guy, your advice and instructions were perfect. I got a call about 4:00 PM from my wife panicy about the fact that she had no heater blower or head lights but the car was running fine. I did a quick search on the site and learned of the problems...
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    Passat Windshield Fogging

    I could barely reach down behind the engine to where the flap is. To reach the valve I used 14mm hex socket on a rachet. It was easy to turn. As I recall the trick was to lift up the rubber flap and then insert the hex. It might be easier from the bottom if you have a lift. There isn't much to...
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    Passat Windshield Fogging

    I'll share my stupidity in hopes it spares someone else. This summer I was looking around the engine bay and noticed part of the insulation blanket on the firewall was sticking out. I pushed it back in place. Soon after that I started to get water in the drivers footwell. I thought the...
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    Rear Brake Pad change Question

    I borrowed the tool from Autozone when I did my 96 Passat rear brakes. Worked great.
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    Roll your own oil

    You hit the nail on the head, Mickey. It's sort of sad that I don't have anything else to do, isn't it? My only reason for the blending analysis (besides the intellectual challenge)was I don't like driving 50 miles for Delvac 1 or paying $5.00/quart at Autozone or $10?? at the Mercedes...
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    Roll your own oil

    I recognize that there is a risk associated with starting another oil thread but I think I can add something to the subject rather than rehashing the same old info. I got to thinking - "If Mobil can blend up oil, why can't I?" That led to further wonderings along the lines of "How close to 0W-40...
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    Bizzare Starting Problem on 1996 Passat TDI

    On my Passat I've noticed that I now need to push down a little on the key as I turn it to get it to make the required electrical connection. It isn't stuck, it just won't pull in the starter unless I push down on it. I'll bet that when you are lying on the floor you are pushing on the key...
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    96 Passat instrument cluster sadness

    Just a guess but could it be the over-voltage protection relay?
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    Rear brake dragging on 96 Passat

    Check the guide pins. I had one that was frozen in place not allowing the pads to center correctly. Had a lot more wear on that pad. I believe the rubber boots just pull of the pins. (Not the piston boots!) I worked the pin out with pliers, cleaned it up with emery cloth and lubed it with...
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    exhaust vibration

    Well, I had by 96 Passat up on blocks this weekend to install the flex coupling. Everything went fine with removing the slip joint. However, I chickened out when I saw how much the cat sagged. I'm a little nervous about the stress on the original flex joint and the new one. Has anyone come up...
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    Oil Change Fill Level OK?

    Dana, at the next oil change I'd but in the Delvac 1 you have left and top it off with Mobil 1 15w-50 or 10w-30.
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    B4/A3 Water Pump/Serp. Belt Tensioner

    I changed mine out a couple fo weeks ago with similar results. The car was outside all night and it was about 30 deg F this morning. No squeak! I also replaced the roller. Mine had a noticable wobble about the bolt when the belt was removed. I don't know if this was absolutely needed but I...
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    exhaust vibration

    Looks great! I'm definitely going to do my 96 Passat. Did you have to lower the exhaust system down to make the cuts? What type of saw did you use?