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    2010 VW TDI Cup Edition

    Still for sale or did it get snatched up?
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    VMR710 19x9.5 500$ Central Fl

    Square set up. 45 offset I believe. Gunmetal. Nice concave look. I have hub centric rings to bring wheel bore down from 66.6 to 57.1. ALL rims have curb rash and some imperfections. I can text whatever pix you want to show you the shape they are in. When on the car they look good and you cant...
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    2010 335d $10.7k

    Have you done anything to combat the CBU issue after the cleaning? Meth or EGR delete??
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    WTK: Any Interest in 2012 Passat TDI Manual KW and Rims

    Moderators can you delete this thread please.
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    WTK: Any Interest in 2012 Passat TDI Manual KW and Rims

    2012 Passat TDI with a 6 speed manual. tungsten silver with KW coils and 19x9.5 VMR 710 gunmetal square set up with 5MM spacers up front. Minor blemishes on lower corner of front bumper and couple scratches from previous owner behind rear wheel. rims have curb rash on all. Other than that pretty...
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    Anyone running a Buzzken downpipe?

    sorry this is late but with stock catback and resonator you will have no drone. the stock catback keeps it like stock sound. Have had that set up its nice buy it and don't think twice.
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    Dieselgate: Volkswagen to Spend Up to $14.7 Billion to Settle ...

    Do we have the option to keep the car and not get the fix after early 2018? Do they have stipulations in place that will force you to either sell it back or get it fixed ( naybe not being bale to register it)? I would imagine something is in the deal that would require all owners to do one or...
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    New Clutch at 63,000 Miles?!?

    Skip the dealer and call VWOA. That's who you open a complaint with and a regional manager will get in touch with your dealership.
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    New Clutch at 63,000 Miles?!?

    Guys mine was replaced on their dime after failing around 60k. Got the dreaded clicking noise when clutch wasn't compressed would go away when i pressed clutch in. turns out one of the fingers on the pressure plate sheared off and and stated scoring stuff and causing all kinds of damage. just...
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    Broken Pressure Plate Retaining Spring

    Wow unbelievable. This happened to me right around 62000 miles. Exact same circumstance and same tell tale signs. ticking noise that would stop if clutch was pressed in. they tore it down and I had same failure you described with pics to prove it. fortunately for me they replaced the...
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    Real World MPG - 6 speed Manual

    '12 6speed manual sitting on 19x9.5's. Went from Melbourne Fl to Franklin TN ( just outside of Nashville) on one tank. 780 miles. 75-80 mph whole way with AC set at 72 just a couple clicks on. Cant beat that.
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    UNOFFICIAL Adblue Heater Element Failure Thread

    Everyone please open a case with VWOA and have it paid for. They will at least cover the parts. They know these are common issues with our cars by now and will reimburse you somehow. I did it with mine and only paid labor. I keep reading 1000$ plus and makes me cringe. couple hundred bucks at...
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    NMS DPF delete for Off-Road Use Only

    Just go to buzzken exhaust and get yours there. No sense of paying extra for a rawtek exhaust (which germandieselmotorwerks sells I believe ). Accompany that with a malone tune and off you go. If you have a manual I would suggest upgrading the pressure plate and clutch disc. Not necessarily...
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    Fly wheel failure

    Good. You at least have to try and raise hell before shelling out that much. anxious to hear the outcome.
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    Fly wheel failure

    I have the manual and I just had them give me a whole new tranny on their dime. I can post pix later but my pressure plate fingers sheared and had metal shavings all in the case. it was scraping around in there causing a hideous sound. Something like that needs to be taken to VWOA. They are...
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    UNOFFICIAL Adblue Heater Element Failure Thread

    Guys mine failed i Called VWOA opened a case with them and they paid for the part I was out labor. Before you even go to dealership call VWOA first. the dealer will have that to reference by case number. The feeling I got from my service guy was that this is a known issue and VW will cover it...
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    Release/Throwout bearing

    Have this sound all sudden but it does go away when I press in clutch pedal. Research tells me the bearing or maybe pressure plate. Is it safe to drive like this ? Also how much labor is involved for this fix? I am Assuming the tranny needs dropped. Hoping can put it all ok VW card. Anyone...
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    Fuel filter change

    Do I need to prime/bleed through vcds or can I simply just start the car after switching the filter out?? I don't have vcds available and want to do it in driveway.
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    Total Engine Oil??

    Thanks for reply guys.. Total it will Be