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    Can I realistically clean my DPF?

    Doesnt the DEF injection help keep it clean? I wonder if you added Seafoam to the DEF tank if that would do anything.
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    Failing Shift Lever Micro Switch

    Hi all, In 2019 VAG issued a recall: 37M2 for failing Shift Lever Micro Switches in 2015-2019 Golf and 2017-2019 GSW. Mine is a 2015 GSW and now has this intermittent error message. Has anyone else with a pre-2017 GSW had this issue and will VAG repair it under the recall?
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    VW Touran TDI

    Wheelers Dealers on MotorTrend TV just did a resto on a Triumph Dolomite Sprint
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    2013 VW Jetta Sportwagen TDI For Sale

    Im helping my daughter sell her 2013 VW Jetta Sportwagen TDI. 115,500 miles and counting- daily driver Bought directly from VW post-Dieselgate. VW proper did all the recall work, not a local dealer. Typical maintennce done regularly 50 MPG blah blah blah, you know the deal Gold on black auto...
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    DPF Failure

    Hi Guys, I have a 2013 JSW TDI with 93k miles. Earlier in the week a CEL popped up with a P2002 and a P0401 code; DPF and EGR respectively. Took into the Stealer (VW). They did a full scan and forced regen at no cost. Yesterday it came back, again took it back and they finally agreed to replace...
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    Hard Start / No Start - Is your intercooler frozen? Check Here!

    Update on my 2013 JSW. I did drill a small 5/32 hole in addition to blocking the lower grill with metal duct tape. It's been over a week of frigid temps. No issues. I took down the belly pan and sure enough, condensate and crud are being blown out that tiny hole. 6 more weeks of winter...
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    Hard Start / No Start - Is your intercooler frozen? Check Here!

    Yep. 2013 JSW. Same icing issue every winter. This time I drained over a cup of water from my downpipes. Then I removed my glow plugs and cranked the motor to blow out any water. I used a .22 cal cleaning rod and brass brush tip to clean the glow plug chamber. Then cleared any code before...
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    2013 JSW TDI Intercooler icing and Dieselgate extended warranty

    Hi all. Does the extended warranty cover the intercooler icing TSB? 2013 JSW 90k miles. One would think the turbo system is part of emissions
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    Sound Off on Current Diesel Price

    2.99 to 3.79 in 6 months in WV. 3.79 in one day.
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    Fuel Prices

    Has anyone noticed the spike in diesel prices? We went from $2.99 to $3.79 in 6 months.
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    Engine Oil Leak Help

    I removed the foam dampening the second time. It was a soggy mess. I haven't noticed any increase in noise.
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    Engine Oil Leak Help

    2015 GSW 138k miles, Its been a great car. No issues. I just replaced the front rotors and brake pad- they were originals. Back are still 60%. I started to notice an oil leak but I cant find its origin. I removed the oil pan sound cover and saw everything coated in oil. I changed the oil...
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    2013JSW Secondary oil leak

    Hey all. My daughter took her 2013 JSW in for a regular oil change and the tech said that she had a secondary oil leak under where the oil filter housing is. Sounds odd to me. Any ideas?
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    I have a 2015 GSW DSG with 130k miles with the original pads. I check them often. Still good. 50mpg on flat roads.
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    Intermittent 3rd Brake Light CEL

    Is anyone else experiencing an intermittent 3rd Brake Light CEL? About once a month I will get the CEL, but after restart is goes away. Maybe a loose connector? idk
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    2015 timing belt kits hard to find...autozone ?

    I just had mine changed yesterday. Only a OEM kit is available for a 2015. I had my car back in under 24 hours. The kit comes with the belt, tensioners, waterpump, gasket and all the stretch bolts and nuts, etc.
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    Time for a timing belt!!

    I just had my 2015 GSW timing belt/waterpump done. There is no aftermarket kit for it; just OEM.
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    Jetta Wagon or Golf TDI; which are good years? Which to avoid?

    I never had any issues with my 2010, 2012 JSWs, or current 2015 GSW.
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    Mechanic Shoutout

    Big shoutout to VAGWERKS in Martinsburg, WV. These guys are VDub specialists; from A to Z plus powder coatings. Took my 2015 GSW in for the dreaded timing belt/waterpump interval at 6 pm Thursday. Had the car back the next day. So if you are in the DC area specifically between Hagerstown, MD and...