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    03 ALH Intermittent Start Issue

    Hrmm it could very well be the quality of the motor. I remember purchasing it at napa with the last one they had in stock for a manual. I have just never had an issue where it just wouldn't work with such a strange sound.
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    03 ALH Intermittent Start Issue

    Hey All So my diesel has about 182,000 miles on it but i replaced the starter a year ago because i had the motor torn apart and already had it out. Anyway, i regret that decision because since then whenever the motor was warm (e.g. above like 80 degrees) It would make this grinding noise like a...
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    TDI Fest 2015

    Alright, I'm just going to put a little vote out there if a location has not been decided. Since I have been a vw owner there has not been a Colorado tdifest or even a Wyoming or NM or AZ tdifest. A rocky mountain region tdifest would be super appreciated!(But especially Colorado :)
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    2000 TDI ALH MKIV Complete Part Out TX Cheap! Must go ASAP!

    Hey is there any chance that the hood latch lock (the physical component that holds the hood down under the hood) is undamaged? Price/Pic
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    new hard cold start

    Well, if the timing belt was done 1st at 70,000 and you had 100,000 belt on after, than you could have had a flimsy timing belt that was literally easier to move (that's 1 theory). Another is all the parts like water pump and that fun business was broken in, than the new stuff needs to break in...
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    Flashing Parking Brake Light.

    Plus one on the vcds scan, plus asr conversions are finicky as anything, so go through and compare your modified harness against that of a bently manual for issues. Sent from my Amazon Kindle Fire HD using Tapatalk 4 Beta
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    EGR a likely oil leak source back of the engine?

    I would replace your egr valve instead of a straight pipe. Only because the egr helps keep the IMF from building up gunk. This is because if you chop up the air travel, it makes it harder for a heavy level of gunk to build up. Plus, it does in reality help the environment, it just can be a...
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    Problems with A4 1.9 tdi B5

    Have you cleaned your egr valve? My alh TDI had half the symptoms you have at least, and a cleaned egr, new air filter, new fuel filter, and if you're daring-- a cleaned air intake. I think you need to do a good maintenance job on this car, and see where you are. Sent from my Amazon Kindle Fire...
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    98 iceberg tdi

    Well, I think you could do fine with a 17 inch wheel and maybe 225/45 17 tires Sent from my Amazon Kindle Fire HD using Tapatalk HD
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    04' Golf, 23 MPG, what's wrong?

    Well tiptronic+PD, those two can cause some low mileage, but with a TDI a lot can affect them. I would also guess dragging brake. General checks could be fuel filter clogged, bad air filter, egr valve clogged (if the PD even had that problem), air filter could be clogged too. Maybe it needs a...
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    1998 Beetle has no go in 1st and 2nd gear

    Desperate Dad, To figure this, first spend some time in the TDI club FAQ. Then after learning everything you can about the ALH TDI through tdiclub, start searching around based on your symptoms. I only say this because you have to be able to properly diagnose the car before we can help. Sent...
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    Need quality complete control arms, where to buy?

    But, look into getting just a fully built set of TT lower control arms. They are made stiffer in general (cast iron versus stamped steel) and they will have all the TT parts (ball joint, bushings) that aren't as nice as the standard TDI ones! Plus, the control arm itself is still bolt on. Sent...
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    98 iceberg tdi

    I really like the mk3. But the one thing I never liked was the wheel size. So, after a good maintenance, and going after that rust (as it is a very serious cancer) put some bigger tires and wheels on there. Just my $0.02 Sent from my Amazon Kindle Fire HD using Tapatalk HD
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    TDI -> GTI Wiring - Need Help (mk4 golf)

    I believe that the ccm is more responsible for that than the cabin harness. Now you have to find the how to on converting a TDI to climatronic. Just do a search on the forum for climatronic and look for the DIY about that. And if I understand correctly, he modified his cabin harness from his...
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    TDI -> GTI Wiring - Need Help (mk4 golf)

    Alright, the more tdi wiring you use the better, so use the tdi cabin harness, as the interior electronics will be identical given you dont have a climatronic.
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    bew infrequent idle surge

    do these engines fall victim to the ALH loose glow plug idle surge problem???
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    Brief CEL

    I will just throw out the intermittent one i had the other day, that just finally came on full time. It was coolant level sensor, i was just on the line of being low, and as i drove it would eventually trigger, but because it was just on that level of triggering the sensor, it just kept popping...
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    Trans won't shift - '05 Mk IV, 230,000 kms

    Alright, well my first response would have been exactly what the shop did- flush the system. However,i have a theory that a bad sensor could cause a limp mode of sorts, in that if the transmission doesn't know what is going on in its system than it doesn't what its system doing anything, so it...
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    TDI -> GTI Wiring - Need Help (mk4 golf)

    I'm really surprised that my link didn't help, I could have sworn that post 20 was all the wiring info you needed. Sent from my EVO using Tapatalk 2
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    TDI -> GTI Wiring - Need Help (mk4 golf)

    That is all detailed in the r32 to rtdi swap i posted a link two. I can remember the exact pin splice off the top of my heap but daniel definetly says that he spliced the 109 relay into wire x. Just read through it, i know its right in there. Take a look at this link at POST 20...