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    Are these new Passats junk or not junk?

    I have a hard time believing I'm the only special snowflake in this regard. Sure, maybe. But I do agree the incidence rate on Passats is far lower than the other models. VW "helpfully" performed a fuel test prior to the warranty work and confirmed it was fine, so no misfuel here.
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    Are these new Passats junk or not junk?

    3/4 ain't bad. In 75k miles I have lost faith in the longevity of the vehicle. The failure modes of the common issues like the turbo or fuel pump generally result in metal contamination from catastrophic failure, which means expensive repairs of lots of expensive downstream components. A...
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    Are these new Passats junk or not junk?

    I wouldn't say it's not an issue. My car ate one at 50k miles. Definitely not as high a failure rate as other models, but it does happen.
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    Failed water pump, 200 miles past warranty

    Anecdotal, of course, but this confirms a fear I've had with this whole buyback thing looming. I think that a great majority of these "goodwill" fixes we've been seeing from VW for known issues or problems just outside of warranty are gone, gone, gone. Why do a goodwill fix to get a car...
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    Anyone thinking going EV?

    I reserved a Tesla Model 3 the day they were revealed and hope the stars align and it's delivered before the clock runs out on the buyback. I'm very excited to switch to an EV. I need close to a 200 mile EPA range so at the moment that spells Model 3 or Bolt.
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    Are dealers Eligible Sellers?

    Yep. Section 9 of the long form notice, defining class exclusions, includes: • Volkswagen’s officers, directors and employees and participants in Volkswagen’s internal lease program; Volkswagen’s affiliates and affiliates’ officers, directors and employees; their distributors and distributors’...
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    Are dealers Eligible Sellers?

    I recall reading something in the class exclusions that referenced VW employees, dealers, etc etc. not 100% but I would be surprised if dealers qualified as eligible sellers.
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    Settlement Question???

    You're greatly over estimating the amount of effort VW is going to put into this. If your car starts, has a clean title, and isn't obviously missing a bunch of parts, you're done. You think they're going to take every one of them back to the shop and check the ECU for non-factory tunes? Not a...
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    If you are considering buyback which cars are you looking at as replacements?

    Same. I'm very pleased with the timing of this, provided Tesla can find a way to stick somewhat close to their schedule (big if at this point but I'm optimistic). I'm in California and reserved in-store prior to the reveal. When I started looking around for comparably priced cars to the Passat...
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    If you are considering buyback which cars are you looking at as replacements?

    I'm gonna drive the NMS until my Tesla Model 3 materializes. That's about the closest I could come up with in terms of replacement.
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    Why bother to accept a buy back?

    I'll accept a buyback because the math makes it pretty difficult not to. Current plan is to keep driving my '14 Passat until close to the end of the settlement period in 2018. At that point I'll have hit about 120k miles, which is when I was going to get rid of the car anyway. I don't have a...
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    The future of the TDI

    They could. I think the real problem is the reputational damage. This whole event has soured the entire population on diesel passenger car technology. People just aren't going to buy them, so the case for VW to continue trying to compete is pretty weak from a business perspective.
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    Dieselgate: Volkswagen to Spend Up to $14.7 Billion to Settle ...

    Why? One is completely immaterial to the other.
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    New Dieselgate settlement forum

    I asked for this 9 months ago and it was ignored.
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    Wait, so the forum dedicated solely to TDI's won't allow people to post about the TDI

    Provided, of course, it is all done in a single, useless thread of endless commentary on anything tangentially related to the topic. Because, you know, we wouldn't want to organize information and discussion in a way that is actually beneficial and useful.
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    Wait, so the forum dedicated solely to TDI's won't allow people to post about the TDI

    There should have been a dedicated section to talk about this 9 months ago. The blind insistence on pushing all communication into a single perfectly useless thread is mind-numbingly dumb. Then locking that thread because apparently there are no possible valid points of discussion any more...
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    2014 TDI SEL Fuel Issues and High Pressure Fuel Pump Issues

    I lost a HPFP in my 2014 also. Thankfully mine passed the fuel test so I didn't have any problems with them denying coverage for the repair. I've heard some have been successful getting this expensive repair covered under their comprehensive insurance coverage if there is evidence of...
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    23N5 software update

    What exactly is leading you to believe there is a causal relationship between these two events?
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    Is my 2013 affected by the emissions scandal?

    You can, but all conversation has to be in The One Giant Thread Where Discussion Is Allowed. It's something like 342,000 posts now. Completely worthless in terms of information or trying to follow the conversation. But, at least we won't have lots of threads.
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    2014 HPFP Failure

    No clue. I'm sure they went by whatever their repair script told them to do. I've ran a complete tank through it at this point, no problems yet. I'm sure VW is at least as motivated as me to not have another $6k repair done on their dime, so I'm fine with assuming they did things correctly. I...