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    Replace manual trans gasket

    I have a small leak from fitting on bottom of trans anyone know the part number and if anything will fall out if I remove cover see attached photo
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    ahu upgrades

    Hi Questions for you Friend has a 98 jetta 5 spd 1 How much increase in fuel pressure by upgrading to a alh injection pump? 2 Go with Ko3 hybrid or vnt 17 (hybrid should be bolt on and easier)? 3 Will a K03 hybrid give the low rpm torque like a vnt? Planning on upgraded nozzles any...
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    Upgrade path for AHU

    Hi A friend has a '98 A3 and wants moaah power. He plans upgraded nozzles, clutch, tune, turbo. He has turbo back exhaust, front mount intercooler, K&N filter(he is planning to ditch), and a tuner that has been removed. Tuner threw lots of codes. I set injection timing to just below the upper...
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    front swaybar bushings

    I didn't expect all this advice and I appreciate all the hints. Now I know that many others have had the problem. Thanks. Jim
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    front swaybar bushings

    Thanks for the reply. Now to find time to try this. Jim
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    front swaybar bushings

    Hi 2003 jetta with the 23 mm swaybar. I bought new bushings, and they have a 20.5 diameter hole in the bushing before it is compressed. I tried to install one and couldn't get the bolt to start because the bushing seems too big. Does anyone know if this is the right bushing or did I get...
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    Adding an other 12v outlet

    Look under the dash in front of the steering wheel. There are 4 threaded studs. Some are always on, others are switched on with ignition. Check with a volt meter to figure out which is which. I believe the X75 terminal is switched. I have added many circuits to these studs. Be sure to...
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    intake temp logging?

    I have a front mount intercooler but the map sensor(where the temp sensor is) has been relocated and is on the piping and behind the radiator. In full boost runs, intake air temp(iat) can climb quickly to 110 degrees F and will then slowly increase so your 50 degree C is in a similar range.
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    IQ per cylinder, smoke at startup, Nozzles

    Check vacuum system again, as this is what fixed it before.
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    Strange boost behavior

    Hi My Jetta wagon has been giving me unusual boost radings as follows: 1 While towing, when I requested more power and the boost reached 15psi, the boost would drop to 7 or 8 then climb back to 15. 2, Sometimes the boost would then jump to 22 to 25 with the characteristic 17/22 whistling sound...
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    Anybody camp in their TDI wagon?

    I camped for a week out of my 2003 wagon. When i removed the rear lower seat cushions the rear seat folds flat. I am 5' 11" and my toes would hang over the end of the seat back but would not touch the front seats. Quite comfortable. Open a window slightly to reduce condensation.
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    E code internal wiring for level motors

    I used that when I wired the lights . I feel that something in the wiring inside the light is not working as it should. Any other suggestions?
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    E code internal wiring for level motors

    Hi I added the knockoff ecodes from a vendor on this site. I have wired the motors as described in various threads. Known facts: 1. There is power to the dash rheostat. 2. The output to the motors from the rheostat goes to pin 5 at the headlights. 3. The voltage to the headlight pin 5 varies...
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    Another set of rotors trashed

    I had to do an emergency stop from high speed and several weeks later had the heavy pulsing that I thought was from a warped rotor. When I had this problem I did some research and found this...
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    Bizzare problem

    Hi I see two possible solutions to your problem. 1. the fuel lines are swapped at the attachment to the lift pump. If this has happened the pump will only pull fuel til the level gets to the top of the fuel canister in the tank. to test: when the level in the tank gets to the troublesome...
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    Need Tow Hook

    Hi I had to tow my 2003 Mk4 and found I did not have the tow hook. Does anyone have a spare they would be willing to sell? PM price including shipping Thanks Jim
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    BEW Valve Cover

    When I had my 2004 Jetta wagon, the tandem pump was failing. The symptoms were misfiring and shuddering under power up to 2500 rpms. Then it smoothed out and ran normally. This is a problem to keep in mind. As posted earlier it could also be the lift pump that is bad. Good Luck!
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    Car Quit, VCDS says timing out of range

    Well I am back to report on this case. I spent a weekend checking the timing and the static timing was right on. I had trouble starting the engine, the engine would crank over for ~ 20 seconds then would slow way down and I would stop trying. I noticed that the tach did not register rpms for...
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    Car Quit, VCDS says timing out of range

    Thanks for the replies. I will get on this over the weekend and report back. Jim
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    Car Quit, VCDS says timing out of range

    Hi I had my car taken apart for Ecode headlight wiring and the car sat for 3 months. On startup, I pulled the fuse on the lift pump hoping it would crank for a few seconds to assure I had oil in the turbo bearings, but it fired up on the first crank. i idled the engine for a minute and shut...