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    Buyback COMPLETED Car is now in Dealership Lot

    I suppose that is one good reason to schedule the appointment for a day other than a Friday. Turned mine in. Got the receipt immediately. Waiting for Monday for the email from Chase.
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    2015 TSI Opinions

    Hopefully she enjoys it. That seems like a good price. Am on the verge of ordering a set of winter wheels and tires for my 2016. I ran my TDI on all weathers but I'm figuring I'll be in this one for a few years so I might as well get some winters and do the wheel swap thing.
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    2015 TSI Opinions

    Good advice for sure. In some ways, I wish I would've looked harder at the Mazda 6. Clearly would have paid more but maybe would've enjoyed it more as well.
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    2015 TSI Opinions

    I own a 2016 1.8T Passat with technology package and the LED headlight package. So far so good. Love all the new toys (adaptive cruise, apple carplay, KESSY, etc.). Seems to have good pickup but I do miss both the really great fuel economy and torque of the diesel. It is a nicely refined...
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    So much for getting a "deal" on leftover 2015 TDIs!!

    This rings true. But I will miss the torque and the 50+ MPG that I just got on a 1000 mile trip. Sure, I'll get 37 on my new gasser. Here's the actual math on my trip. 1000 miles @ 50 MPG (it was slightly higher but close enough) = 20 gallons. @ 2.399 per gallon = $48 1000 miles @ 37 MPG =...
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    my local dealer called this morning....

    That is good news. I love the car and will miss quite a bit about it but I'm looking forward to the driveway space and one less car on my insurance. I didn't park it but did figure out the most mileage I could put on it without taking a big hit on value. I'm not too worried about "condition"...
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    Check my mileage math

    I am taking the buyback on my 2013 Passat TDI SE. Like many of you I am going through the process of deciding how long to drive it and how much I will get for it. There seems to be a couple of big steps in the mileage calculation and I want to make sure I don't go over the limit and avoid a...
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    what would you do?

    I went with the new gasser in a similar situation. So far I'm pretty pleased but will miss the manual transmission. Having said that, the goodies and gadgets make up for it for me.
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    Replaced TDI

    I owned a Prius. I've owned two TDI's. I liked the TDI's much better. I like the Chevy Volt over the Prius. I bought a new 1.8T Passat. Go figure.
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    TDI the 1.8T a dog?

    So I picked up my new 1.8T and drove it over 500 miles home from the dealer. Some quick impressions. 37 MPG on the way home driving fairly conservatively. Very good in my opinion. Although it does lack the punch of the TDI torque, it never seemed to lack for acceleration. Plenty fast in...
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    TDI the 1.8T a dog?

    I've opted to replace my 2013 TDI with a 2016 1.8T. Haven't driven it yet but the year end pricing was too good to pass up. Sheehy (linked earlier in the thread) plays games with their pricing ($500 trade in credit, must take their financing at triple the rate of my bank..) but the DC area...
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    Driver interior door handle trim peeling

    Happened on the inside of my drivers door handle. Not noticeable when looking at it so I'm going to leave it for now. Maybe VW will fix it when they buy mine back in a few months. :cool:
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    Bad Blower Motor 2012 Passat

    I had the same issue and talked to the service manager at my local dealer. Not helpful. My blower motor hadn't quite failed but was chirping like a cricket. Removed it. Obviously rusted. I purchased the new blower motor from the dealer but am concerned about having this reoccur since the...
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    Buy now or wait for 2016 Passat?

    I ran into a guy today with a Jetta TDI that was a VW company car and sounded like next year's slightly tweaked model. I'd bet on some technology options (blind spot sensor etc) but nothing groundbreaking. I'd assume the Passat would get similar treatment. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    20,000 miles in my 2013

    That was it for me. Numb feel. No pickup. Terrible cornering and handling. No soul.
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    20,000 miles in my 2013

    My first TDI replaced a Prius so I can't really claim to have done it for fuel savings. What it saved was my self respect :D. I figure most people buying the car are at least comparing it to a gas model of a similar vehicle. The truth is that some of the gas models are doing better on their...
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    20,000 miles in my 2013

    So far so good. No repairs (except for the clip on the driver side mirror that broke off when my wife was driving....). No engine codes. No complaints. By my calculations, I've saved about $750 in fuel over the gas version of the same car (25 MPG median on fuelly versus 40 MPG, although I've...
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    Can't Order a Specific Car

    Just another vote for Chris. Except for his accent. Unless you like New Jersey in which case it is just fine. Seriously. I won't buy another VW from anyone else.
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    Most cost effective Lubricity additive???

    Interesting. I've been using XPD. From the looks of that if I'm worried about lubricity, I should switch to XL. Anyone have an opinion on which we should be using?
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    Preparing to do my own maintenance

    No sweat. I figured it was probably overkill for the Acadia but I seem to find myself with partial quarts laying around and didn't want to let it go to waste. I'll crosswalk the certifications. MTA: At first glance, it seems like the additive packages are different and I'd be better off...