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    Massive oil leak, hopefully didn't kill it.

    Sounds like the oil cooler gasket. Easy fix.
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    Does anybody have a diesel compression tester?

    I'm in Ottawa! good to know there is a set near by! :) Let me know if you need any tools, I have a good collection going now. (thank you VW.... )
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    Parting out 2001 Jetta tdi

    Are you still parting out the car? I never got a reply.
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    Operation of the ASV during a runaway? (ALH)

    This is correct. It is my understanding that the ASV is not air tight enough to stop a runaway. It will help to muffle it but going into a high gear and braking to stall the engine or blocking the intake may still be needed. I kept my ASV simply to help prevent a runaway in the event it happens...
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    Parting out 2001 Jetta tdi

    Can you PM me what you would charge for everything AC related under the hood? Hoses, condencer, compressor, etc... Mine was gutted when I bought it. I can drive down to pick it up. Cheers!
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    Like HipHop? Check out my buddy's new album! (From Ottawa!)

    My buddy Rob Hawken just released his first album! It's available as a FREE download. It doesn't cost you anything to check it out. He is from Ottawa and his rhymes are based on his life experiences, I can vouch for that! No BS rhymes here. He worked hard on these tracks and spent countless...
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    Ottawa Battery Reconditioner I can borrow?

    Total battery in Ottawa. They recondition batteries by emptying them, cleaning and then refilling with ne acid. Pretty cheap if I remember correctly.
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    2008 Jeep Cherokee Diesel $6,800

    Bring an OBDII scanner! if it has a swirl motor error, RUN AWAY!!!
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    Loss of power on the Highway then died

    I think the clue here is the cranking. 3 revs then a slow one? Sounds like a compression imbalance of some sort. Here is the dreaded: "what does yout timing belt look like?" Any other clues? anything else seem abnormal? In my opinion, the boost fluctuations were related to fueling /...
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    How long can an ALH drive with no alternator?

    I think I know what you are thinking... And to bring it home, have a spare battery, some aligator clips and a cigarette lighter adaptor. there should be enough juice in there to keep your ECU alive and get your new toy home.
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    ABS light on, other bags still work?

    If the light is on, airbags wil NOT deploy.
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    New member, wanna go faster

    Dude, don't give advice like that... Last person who did the 02J mod almost blew off the welds on their intake.. In all seriousness. Make sure your car is back to 100% to recover HP you LOST before you do mods to increase HP. There are many on here, just do a search. That automatic (01M)...
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    ABS light on, other bags still work?

    ABS has nothing to to with the air bags, it is for your Antilock Brake System. If the air bag light is on, you do NOT have air bag deployment in an accident.
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    ALH timing belt miracle

    Clean and dump the intercooler, that thing never saw anything over 3K RPM! LOL!
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    Mk4 jetta turbo oggone within a month and a half :(

    2 things, The intercooler is AFTER the turbo. Metal shards "could" get into the engine but not the turbo. (chances are the intercooler would stop them anyhow..) Blown piston rings do not destroy turbos. Maybe dirty them, but not worse than diesel soot. Sounds like the replacement turbo...
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    Interesting info about Ontario drive clean.

    What the?? Why???
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    Interesting info about Ontario drive clean.

    Do you have an ALH? If so, just leave the solenoid there and plug the vacuum line. us vag-com to "tune" the EGR. It will take a while for the MIL to come on. Go get it e-tested asap.
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    Interesting info about Ontario drive clean.

    As long as the EGR does not FAIL. It needs to be in not-ready state. You are allowed one sensor in not-ready state. after 3 tries, the do the pipe test.
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    Interesting info about Ontario drive clean.

    I found out some interesting facts about Ontario Drive Clean. 2000+ vehicles are allowed one sensor to be in "NOT READY" state. But no sensors in FAILED state. If you got a failed sensor and come back for a re-test, if that sensor is in NOT READY state, you fail again. (even if that is the...
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    Audi A4 tune in Ottawa?

    Does he not only do TDI? The 6th kinda sucks.. but I guess if it is a last resort. The plates expire on Tuesday. :(