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    Chip Magnet 2013

    I'm not happy with how this is progressing. I have a case # with with VW Canada. They had me go into the dealership to discuss the car with the body shop. Seemed they had to have a big discussion on who is going to pay for these assessments as they'd never seen anything like this with a 'brand...
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    I am sooooooooo envious of the Brits....2015 Golf

    the Passat Alltrack on the site caught my eye, I didn't realize it had passed the rumour stage!
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    Intermittent loss of power

    Had this happen a few times on my 2013, first time it happened was right after a fill up at a new station and I assumed it was bad gas, did it twice on a 5 mile trip home, but it has happened a couple times since, usually towards the end of my 50 mile commute on the in-town streets, hmmm, I'm...
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    speedo optimistic ?

    I could live with 5km@120 I could live with that, I'll ask next time it goes in, which will be soon. thx for sharing the info. Neil
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    speedo optimistic ?

    ya, typically cars read 2-3% faster than actual, and I expect that and can vouch for the other 3 cars I've owned since I started checking, they were all close. I believe most manufacturers are on top of this to avoid liability issues. My VW is way out and I agree, it needs to be fixed...
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    speedo optimistic ?

    I have a garmin e series survival type gps that is supposed to be over 99.9% accurate for steady speed calcs. In the past i compared the garmin to my phone and found the results pretty much the same. I thought my car felt like it was travelling slow, i really clued in after consistently taking...
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    ECU died

    my buddies old 2k model, the ECU would die and would need to be replaced every 3-4 months. They never did find the root cause and when his 24 month warranty was up he was SOL. Stay on top of them and see that you get something in writing that you will be covered for repeats after the warranty...
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    Chip Magnet 2013

    Well after a wash and shammy the chips stood out like a sore thumb, all over it, even the little ones were quite visible, unfortunately my lower end Canon point and shoot didn't capture the moment as I'd hoped but here are the pics, am I over reacting? It will be plain to see the grey primer...
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    Chip Magnet 2013

    I went to the dealer, talked to the SM and they registered my complaint in the system, but that is all for now. I will pursue it further after winter, it's only the urethane it's not like it's chipping over metal so rust isn't an issue. The SM was pretty frank which I appreciated and he...
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    How to get rid of old (dead) engine, transmission

    ya, as some other folks have mentioned the recovery places are good. They are actually paying pretty good these days. I just disposed of two small 1.6L toyota blocks, these were small enough that I could put them in big rubbermaid tubs and lift them in/out of the back of small suv. They gave...
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    body protection ?

    it's the nature of a squared off back, every wagon and small SUV with an upright rear window/hatch will have the same issue. How is your front end holding up, ie. rock chips? I'm not as far north as you but I'm wondering if cold=brittle, mine is chipping like crazy. Neil
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    Chip Magnet 2013

    This actually is really concerning me now because the fit and finish of the front left of the vehicle has always been a little off, ie. the gaps aren't even from left to right, the drivers door is adjusted high ...I've been blaming mexican build quality up until now. The car only had 21km on it...
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    Pulled the trigger...

    I was pleasantly suprised to find out that the new Wagon was cheaper to insure than the old Civic, even with the the extended 5 year new replacement option, $100 less per year. I was pleased, the agent also found us additional savings on our policy so my insurance went down $160/year thanks to...
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    Chip Magnet 2013

    Wow, was rinsing off the car this morning and thought I saw a stone chip on the front bumper, after a bit closer in spection I have 2-3 dozen full blown chips. It's a 2013 in dark grey with 3500 Km (2000 miles) on the ODO. I know some cars are worse than others but this car has more chips on...
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    Pulled the trigger...

    Congrats! I'm jealous, I wanted mine to be silver but broke down at my wifes request and got grey since our last 5 cars were silver. I had great success with the interwebs, all I did was email my offer right down to the monthly, they said 'ok' done, I showed up signed the papers, came back 3...
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    again...Winter Tires for 2012 JSW TDI

    One thing that I really love about my Xi3 that I've never experienced with another winter tire is they are so smooth and quiet. They seem really good on ice too, I doubt they are good in the deep stuff but I only see that a couple times a year, however I see a lot of ice so these are perfect...
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    Order up a 2013 MkVI or wait for a 14/15 MkVII?

    I agree It's always better to buy a model at the end of the run if you are in for the long haul, they usually have all the kinks worked out. It's always a gamble with a new model. Re-sale always takes a hit on the previous model when a new look hit's the market, few aspects to consider. My...
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    Trading in 2003 TDI for 2013 in is..

    now if they were giving you a sizeable discount on MSRP I could see it, ie. it all balances out in the end. I just got $3.5k for an 04 Civic with 212k, and an additional $3.5k off the sticker at another GTA dealer, shop around....
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    please help! continental vs michelin winter tires

    try Tire Trends, I believe they are based in B.C. I have Michelin's Xi3 and they are very smooth and quiet, maybe not as grippy or sporty handling as something like the Hankook iPike but much quieter. I spend a lot of time in my car so I went smooth and quiet over noisy. Neil
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    2013 JSW Roadfeel?

    I've only had mine for a couple weeks and I can't get over how smooth and solid it feels and how little it drifts/positive it tracks, simply a pleasure to cruise the highway during my 50 mile commute. ...but I came from driving more 'raw' vehicles, I might think different it I came from...