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    Midwest Light Creations- HID Headlights and Retrofit Kits (Headlights by Jeff)

    I received an email! He said he's having problems obtaining the lenses he needs to build the lights. While I get that, it would have been nice to have been told that when, or shortly after, the order was placed.
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    Midwest Light Creations- HID Headlights and Retrofit Kits (Headlights by Jeff)

    I placed an online order on August 11th. I immediately received an email stating the order had been received and that I'd get another when they shipped. So far nothing ... and no response to emails or messages sent on on his website. Phone calls go to voicemail & there is no response. :(
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    Bora Parts is Now Cascade German Parts!

    I can't register on the new site ... it rejects every single password I come up with ... even those that meet the criteria. Even some very outlandish attempts. Do we really need such a complicated password (that I'll never remember) for this site? Guess I failed.
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    Nokian WR G3?

    And then there are these: :D Just to make your choice a bit more complicated ...
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    ALH oil consumption

    My '02 with 208,000 miles uses a half to 3/4 of a quart during a 10,000 mile oil change interval.
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    TIRE information.

    Most tire shops won't install tires that don't meet the manufacturer's tire specifications. When I had a set of winter tires installed several years ago the technician doing the job actually popped open the fuel door & compared the numbers there to the numbers on the tires. I know this because I...
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    Potential buyer concerned with engine noise...

    Sounds like mine...
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    Glove box broke help

    ^^Yep! I bought their arm rest hinge. What a great product! I'm sure their glove box repair kit is just as great.
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    ***NEW VW TDI FAN PAGE** VW Coal Rollers Canada

    Uh, no thanks. That's certainly not the impression most TDI drivers want to make on the world.
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    Oregon shops

    I always go see oldpoopie in Portland. I grew up on the coast ... about half way between Coos Bay & Brookings. Now Wife & I have been teaching here for 29 years. We will retire in June 2017 & plan to move to Prineville. After 57 years of wind & rain, I'm just done with it.
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    Oregon shops

    I drive 5.5 hours to Portland. In a year or so, I'm looking forward to driving a shorter distance from Prineville ... my future hometown. It's certainly worth it.
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    Lifespan of the VW TDI engines

    Uh, preferred by YOU perhaps. You revived a nine-year old thread just to state a personal opinion? :eek:
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    2001 Jetta tdi auto slipping

    It's probably getting close to time for a manual swap.
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    Operating Temps ALH

    According to Scanguage, mine runs 191-193. It will occasionally hit 198 on a long uphill grade ... if it's warm out & the AC is on.
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    I spent many hours over several days working on the headlights on the used car my daughter bought. :eek: I tried several refinishing "kits". None provided acceptable results. I finally gave up & spent $150 on a set of aftermarket headlights. :( Granted the headlights on that car were pretty...
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    Uh, if everyone would simply use a high quality auto polish (with UV protection) twice per year on their headlights, there would be no need at all for these tedious headlight restoration jobs. It's a simple, 10 min. per year preventative job. Problem solved.
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    May 18, 1980. St Helens Day

    It was dirt cheap, two years old & had 36K miles when I bought it ... I was 17. It already had holes rusted through the front fenders, but I thought it was great that I could afford such a new car. I replaced the fenders & poured oil through it for almost three years before my dad convinced me...
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    May 18, 1980. St Helens Day

    I remember the day well. I was driving south down I-5 near Albany when the radio was instantly flooded with the news. That was certainly a memorable Sunday morning ... more memorable than what I was driving: 1975 Chevrolet Vega. The Vega was my 1st & last GM vehicle.
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    Is Delo 400LE 5w-40 ok for an ALH 2003 TDI Engine?

    Yes, it has a quieter, smoother sound. Plus MPG went up ever so slightly ... as in 0.5 to 1 MPG. I had run the Mobil Delvac 1 or Turbo Diesel Truck 5W40 oils exclusively for the first 12 years.
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    Is Delo 400LE 5w-40 ok for an ALH 2003 TDI Engine?

    My '02 seems to prefer it. It's the only I've used for a couple of years.