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    Rotella T6 oil solids separation - safe to use?

    I was crewchief on a Pro Stock dragbike for 4 years. We had an oil sponsorship from Red Line Oil. We put a quart in the tranny that had been on the shelf for 2 years or so and in one run ruined the tranny. Gears were worn bad, easy to see upon removal of the tranny. I asked our helper if he saw...
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    Cam, crank position sensors

    If my cam belt was not tensioned properly, just a little bit of slack in the belt, would it throw both or one of these sensors off anough to trip the CEL? Would this condition cause the engine to start fine if the engine was cold and when up to operating temp the engine will not stay running and...
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    Timing belt question 2.0 turbo diesel

    Thanks for the reply. I watched several youtubes and know what the bolts are now. It will be interesting to see what is wrong with mine. I am thinking it has to be the tensioner adjustment slipped, or was wrong in the beginning. I think the noise is the belt being loose.
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    Timing belt question 2.0 turbo diesel

    So tell me about the bolts in the sprockets. Why do they get loosened? So when you did yours, did you have slack in the belt? I'm thinking that may be where the noise is from. The belt is getting snapped as it gets loaded like when a valve is opening. I am having a guy do the job, I am...
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    Timing belt question 2.0 turbo diesel

    His 2nd 2.0 belt job. He has done many 1.9 VW diesels. He says as long as no sign of belt parts/pieces/powder in the cover and it runs true that it's OK. The belt stays tracked and does not try to run off the end of the cam pulley. He thinks the slack is on the "return" side of the cam rather...
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    Timing belt question 2.0 turbo diesel

    I had the timing belt. water pump, tensioner, etc. replaced on my 2012 JSW. It runs good but is noisy like something is rubbing in the timing belt area. I went back to the guy who did the job and we removed the upper cover. The belt is tight on one side of the cam pulley but loose on the other...
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    2012 JSW can I remove the muffler

    And not get into EPA trouble? Has anyone done this and realize a performance difference? I did this on my 20
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    Clock adjustment, shift lever

    Not my first TDI, but still this is not covered in the owners manual, even though it is supposed to be on page 28 but there is no instructions on setting the clock. The car is a 2012 Jetta Sportwagon TDI. I tried every combination and cannot get the digits for the clock to advance or fall back...
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    Wiring diagram 03 JETTA TDI

    Thank you sir. Some great info. We didn't check the fuses 5, 25 or 16 today. Are any of the relays under the dash incorporated in the AC circuit? I remember there are some but can't get under there any more. After 3 back surgeries I am handicapped and under the dash is a job I farm out to a dude...
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    Wiring diagram 03 JETTA TDI

    Could anyone send me a wiring diagram for my 2003 VW JETTA TDI? Can't get the AC compressor to come on. It worked a week ago so I'm thinking it is something simple. Thanks in advance. Rick in Ohio
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    2014 Vw jetta tdi Ross tech vcds will still work for this year?

    I was a fire truck mechanic for 30 years. If an engine wouldn't start in the engine house we would go out and hit it with a dead blow hammer to jar it and possibly get it started and take it to our shop. Engine houses have heated floors. They are too hot to work on. Some of the starters were...
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    tag info

    Got the CARFAX for my 2012 JSW and there was no mention of the timing belt replacement so I called the dealer where it was serviced around the 100K mark. They were helpful and had no record of the belt either. I looked for a tag or label stating it had been done. There is a tag above the upper...
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    2012 jetta tdi electrical drain

    I have a voltmeter graduated in hundredths of a volt. The small graduations make searching for a parasitic drain easier. I bought 4 of them years ago on Amazon. You can put a long 2 wire cord on it and either alligator clips for the battery or a cigarette lighter plug and disconnect fuses et...
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    Weird problem with fuel prime

    Drive it the short distance and shut it off. Remove the fuel filter and see if it is full or not after sitting the usual amount of time. I am an old Detroit diesel guy and we took fuel filters off to see if the pump was faulty or a leak letting fuel gravity feed back to the tank. I'm just...
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    Jetta 2.0 timing belt question

    I just bought a new to me 2012 Jetta TDI Sportwagon. I know nothing about this car or the original owners. Is there a way to tell if the timing belt has been changed through the VIN? The original owners took it to VW dealers( just judging by the many oil change stickers from dealers in the...
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    "Accessory position??"

    I just retired my 2003 Jetta TDI and found a clean 2012 Jetta Sportwagon TDI. I searched the owner's manuals and can't find any info referring to the keyless ignition system having an accessory position like my 2003 had. In other words, I want to play the radio but there is no way to turn just...
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    WTB front fenders, inner fenders for 2003 Jetta Wagon

    WTB Front fenders, inner fenders for 2003 Jetta Wagon
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    TDI question to the techs

    I am looking at a 2013 Sportwagon with 130K on the clock. It has no notice of the timing belt being changed in the CARFAX. The check engine light is on and the code says both catalytic converters are plugged and the particulate filter light is on. My question is: can I legally change the cats to...
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    Jetta stumbling

    My car has been trouble free except last week. I took the vacuum line off the air box butterfly so it cannot get activated. Previously I thought because the engine would run rich and belch black smoke, that the butterfly was sticking. It would only act up if I took a short trip almost to...