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    Alternator Re & Re 'How To'

    So i finally got the alternator out... I wouldn't call this job easy though. heh. Removing the tensioner bolts were annoying as hell. Prying the alternator out was a bastard. Oh well, parts pickup time! ETA: What is that roller under the alternator called? I want to replace that. ETA2: Nm...
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    New ALH engine install

    Where did you get this engine? How much?
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    2003 Golf Alternator Pulley R&R

    Wow, very interesting about this pulley issue! My friend's 03 tdi Golf makes this strange clicking noise (like a baseball card to a bicycle tire sound) and his battery light comes on for a second when he starts it up and sometimes when he drives. The car also bogs down when this happens. He...
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    I will paypal $100 to the first person who can tell me how to fix my car.

    almost sounds like a boostleak. I remember when my pipe blew off... I gave it too much throttle: BOG. SPUTTER. SMOKE :p Damn cars with MAF sensors... Sees all that airflow but really the engine is not seeing it.
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    Any interest in intercooler piping? MK3/4

    Looks beautiful! My plastic intercooler pipe recently blew off and ran against my power steering pump pulley and cut a small hole/line into in. :mad: I temporally fixed it by plastic welding ABS plastic to the hole and it seems to be holding. (note to self, don't use *OLD* radiator clamps ...
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    Target Injection pump timing with vag-com

    Wow that was a PITA. I got it set down to 65. thanks for the reply :)
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    Target Injection pump timing with vag-com

    Hi, I just completed my timing belt change. I'm now in the process of timing my injection pump. I don't have a FSM. I loaded up my vag-com and I'm getting for block 9 i'm getting 104 (half way warmed up) and for block 2 i'm getting 74. What are the target numbers I'm trying to get to for best...
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    Ooops! power steering fluid

    While doing my timing belt change, I put my reservoir into my fender upside down and leaked out a nice size puddle of power steering fluid. (Didn't notice that there is a little vent hole on top) I don't see power steering anything in my car manual. What fluid should I put in? Let me guess, VW...
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    Cam sprocket question - timing belt change

    I've been reading Drivbiwire's instructions - that's gotta be the best write-up ever. I'm just trying to figure out why you have to remove the cam sprocket. Is the belt really that tight to get on with the belt tensioner loose or off?
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    Cam sprocket question - timing belt change

    I'm actually looking at his tools. I was thinking about buying everything that keeps the cam, pump and crank lined up (plus the tensioner tool). What exactly is mark and pray? Doesn't sound like the method i'm going for... Tom
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    Cam sprocket question - timing belt change

    Hi, Has anyone ever change a timing belt without removing the cam sprocket?I've done it with my gas car...Slipped the belt on, put the tensioner on last. (factory manual said to remove it [cam sprocket] also) I really don't like touching a bolt like that!:eek: *snap* Tom
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    Which brakes to purchase, tires.

    Hi everyone, My car is coming up on 60k so I'm looking into putting new pads and rotors on my 2003 Golf. After looking on , I see 3 different brands. (OEM, Brembo, ATE). I notice that Brembo and ATE is WAY cheaper than the oem part but does that make them bad? Which ones would...
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    Did you have to replace anything? I'm looking into cleaning my EGR and Intake and I was wondering what all I need. Tom
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    Using jack stands the correct way--Help.

    Last year I put a dent on the front passenger side frame rail (not the pinch weld lip, whatever it's called)with a floor jack and it discouraged me from using a floor jack/jack stands on my 2003 TDI Golf since. It really sucks having to use a spare tire and the factory jack to rotate tires. I...
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    I did ~40000 miles my first year. (88000 km?) Would have been more if I didn't rear-end someone and put my car in the shop for 2 weeks. Card
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    Something strange happened...Over boost? Bad fuel?

    The power returned to normal. It was probably bad fuel. The strange noise sounded like detonation... I kinda laughed when I showered that explorer with smoke that was an 1/8 of a mile behind me ... At the same time "oh $hit!" How many lbs of boost does these cars run anyways? At what psi...
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    Something strange happened...Over boost? Bad fuel?

    Hi everyone, I was on the road in VA last night. I stopped at my favorite place to fill up on 81 (exit 273). After leaving the gas station on a full vented tank (all the way to the rim), I was merging back onto 81 and there was a truck infront of me so I had to drive slow until i had a place to...
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    VENTED 661 MILES ( 700 mile club now ) = )

    VENTED 661 MILES FUEL LIGHT ABOUT TO COME ON Hey Al, Your mileage sounds about right for the type of driving you do. My fuel light usually comes on about 700 since november. It's starting to improve with this nice weather. 2 weeks ago my fuel light came on at 710, last weekend my light came...
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    10,000 K Coming up

    I wish mine was just turning 10,000. Mine is about to 30,000... I haven't changed my oil since 17,500. But next week I should have a chance to change my oil because I finally ordered my new case of Delvac 1. Oh yea, nice avatar! Tom
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    About to change my fuel filter

    Ouch! I just spent $65 (shipped) on an air filter, pollen filter, fuel filter and o-rings (for the fuel filter) from Tom