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    06 Jetta Smyth ute $5800

    I saw that ad, too and received a reply from the seller when i emailed him. It did sell quick, but it also had some rust issues as it was a daily driver/work truck in wisconsin. He wasnt sure if the camshaft was replaced previously, as well. Regardless, whomever bought it has a very...
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    WTB: 13+ Q7 TDI

    I dont know where you're currently located, but this one is for sale in Arizona: It isn't mine, nor do i know the seller, but it seems to fit your requirements.
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    If the sale falls through, please let me know.
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    Car Inspection

    To clarify, its a car for sale in new jersey that i was interested in purchasing. The seller still has the key.
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    Car Inspection

    Hi, Im a longtime lurker on this forum, but I was wondering if anyone here is in the New Jersey area that might be able to check a car out for me. Im currently overseas on a military assignment and i dont know anyone in the area to do a quick inspection of the car. If youre in the area and...
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    FS: 2010 Tiguan TDI 4motion 6 speed manual

    Damn...i wish i was stationed back in the US right now. Good luck with the sale!
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    FS: '91 Diesel Jetta ALH project

    Just out of curiosity, what would your sale price be if you finish building it? Feel free to PM me