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    I've been gone for a while now my car doesn't crank over

    Thanks for everyone's help. I found the problem. the small wire to the starter corroded and broke off about an inch from the connector. I love cheap fixes. Thanks again
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    I've been gone for a while now my car doesn't crank over

    So, I've been away from my car for about 2 months. I decide to start up my 02 jetta 5 spd. because I've missed it. I noticed before I got in the car, the light that normally blinks on my drivers door lock was solid. i unlock the door with the remote. I turn the ignition on, everything in...
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    Alt Pulley / Timing.... associated?

    The timing isn't affected by the same belt that drives the alternator, I broke an idler pulley o my 02 and drove it without the belt onfor a couple of days, until VW got the part in. I noticed the engine kind of made a stumbling sound sometimes, possibly due to lower voltage, The problem went...
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    Pictorial: How to Fix Stripped Glow Plug Threads

    Packing the tap with thick grease in the "flutes" of the tap also helps keeping metal shavings out of the cylinder. The metal shavings become suspended in the grease
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    Cel and blinking coil light

    I get the same code with the same blinking GP Light and CEL. Dont worry about your glow plugs or Brake lights. It's just the way VW expresses the code. I'm not sure how to repair the code, Mine comes on about once a month because of the tuning box I installed. Sorry for not being able to...
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    G060 726 A2 Gear oil, Anyone heard of this part nr

    How much oil is needed to fill a 5 spd?
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    Really basic newbie question

    turbocharged Direct injection
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    Lift Pump causing power loss?

    Is it possible it's loose injector wires?
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    auto door lock delete

    Thanks Uwe
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    auto door lock delete

    Can someone please point me in the right direction on how to remove the 5mph auto lock feature on my 03 Jetta with a vag com. This is driving me nuts. I'm not sure how to do it. Thanks for any help
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    What does this do?

    If you don't have any ez outs you can drill a hole in the center of the bolt and tap a torx bit into the hole. It should come out pretty easy. Once the head of the bolt breaks it removes the "stretch" in the bolt. good luck let us know what you did
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    cheap nozzles vs. good nozzles on fuel economy.

    Here's a good thread with Chineese nozzles involved, I started it shortly after I bought my car and started Mods
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    Consumer reports rating VW's poorly

    I enjoy reading the consumer reports magizine. but I still get upset when Jap cars get perfect scores and my VW gets all black circles
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    Flashing glow plug lamp with codes
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    Frostheater, Temp needle dropping at startup?

    My needle starts at 190 then drops when I start the engine. I just assume the hot coolant in the engine and the cold coolant in the radiator were mixing. I have mine on 3-4 hour timer so it might not warm up all the way. I dont know how I lived without a frost heater last year
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    Flashing glow plug lamp with codes

    Those aren't the codes for the brake lights. The flashing light was probaly from upper limit code. It's a code saying the quantity of fuel the pump is delivering is at the upper limit of the pump. Double check your IQ numbers to make sure they're in range. some people with tuming boxes get...
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    FrostHeater installed on '05 PD

    Just did one on my 02 jetta, it took a little over an hour, it was a great kit with molded hoses
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    learn from my mistake - serpentine belt

    What Does the timing belt look like???
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    Timing too advanced to plot graph

    The same thing happened when I did my timing belt, I just loosened the bolts and adjusted it, there was enough travel in the pump to get it in perfect time, I would try this before messing with the belt timing
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    vnt? is it needed?

    You will get tons of codes, one of the reasons they switched to the vnt, is to create some back pressure for egr. as long as you dont baby your car with a the vnt, you will be fine