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    Clearance sale at VW of Langhorne (Philly, PA)

    Chris, PM Sent. Thanks, Chris (well, that can get confusing!)
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    Who can recommend a reliable, safe and economical wagon for < $15,000?

    Saab 9-5. Cheap, surprising reliable and easy to wrench, great fuel economy and quick. Not around every corner, either.
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    2005 Passat GLS TDI or 2006 Jetta TDI

    Not all 6 speeds are DSG's. That being said, the Jetta is much more athletic than the Passat. Having owned both (though the Passat was not a TI), the Jetta is just as roomy and build quality is just as good. In fact, I prefer the Jetta over the Passat. The overall package is that much nicer.
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    Anybody needs a car-company ? Will pay 600mil to anyone to take it of our hands

    Benz and Chrysler will still work on engines and trannies together. Of course, MErcedes was in deep ch*t when it bought Chrysler. They immediatelychanged over the many of Chryslers production, design, and engineering techniques to increase quality and save costs. Chrysler tends to be a very...
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    oh alternator, how i loath thee

    Up, and if the old belt was way stretched, there was very little tension on the pulley itself. With the new belt, the tensioner was probably a bit tighter and tugged off the pulley. No ones fault, it just kinda happens.
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    NASCAR questions

    they bump to pick up on the draft and the vacuum that is created by getting close. This gives the person drafting a "run" where the can pass the other car. Years ago they crashes becuase of a dispute; with restrictor place cars (and therefore most cars making with a few hp of each other) the...
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    Fuel Mileage in my 99 beetle

    Auto or manual? That sound pretty close to okay for an auto thats driven around town. FWIW, a 2.0 auto wouldn't get over 20 in that environment, so you are still ahead of them!
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    Package 1 vs package 2 vs 0

    And memory seats/mirrors. (my real reason for getting a PKG. 2, since they also can bet set to move with the key used.) Depending on when a car was built determines any "extra" options (like later ones got the memory mirrors). Just the VW way. I recall being in an EARLY Pkg 2 and it had wood...
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    Power Folding Memory Mirror installed....

    Sorry, I read the dates backwards. So used to VW discontenting cars anymore!
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    Power Folding Memory Mirror installed....

    thats odd ... my 09/06 build Pkg 2 car has memory mirrors/seats and the right mirror down in reverese trick, too.
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    New Passat 55mpg BlueMotion

    Just bustin' chops... VW actually calls the Jetta a PQ35, whereas the Passat is a stretched version, and is thus interanally referred to as a PQ46. Had the Passat had a TDI last fall, I would have strongly considered it (in black only!) over the Jetta.
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    New Passat 55mpg BlueMotion

    Not to knitpick, but what is it then? It's a big Jetta. The car is no longer B-body based, like the previous car. Its now transverse engined, like a Jetta.
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    VOA Offer to Test 2006 TDI Emission Components

    Why anyone would consider releasing their car to some unknown for an undetermined amount of time, I don't know. I don't want my car at a dealer more than half a day - never mind in VW's hand for more than a month!
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    Mercedes Ecotec Sedan gets impressive 35mpg - why so expensive?

    25 years ago that money would buy you a Benz 300SD ... which makes the new one look cheap!
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    DSG 'noisier' than the 5 speed?

    I see you have one listed as an 06 and one 06.5. Comparing my "06.5" to mu buddy's 06, his seems to have a bit more insulation in it as, except for engine noise, it is quieter. Do both cars have the same brand of tire?
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    drv headrest raises by itself???

    Well, its a built in feature. The headrest are designed to move up during a rear crash. It is a system that is activated by pressure on the back of the seat. So, even adjusting yourself in the seat could casue the headrest to move.
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    Phaeton still looks like a Passat

    Phaeton should have been branded completely on its own, along with an uber-Touareg (like a LWB) and Phaeton Coupe. Sold through "Select" Audi or otherwise independent dealerships. They could have charged MORE than they did if the vehicles were not associated with the "Peoples Car". Toyota and...
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    NJ to Florida

    If you'd like, take 1 down around Dover, then stay on 113. A little longer, but very few lights and less traffic!
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    TDI 4Motion?

    Yes, the B5 chassis Passat (98-2005) was Torsen based, which is not as fuel efficient as a Haldex system. The B5 also has a longitudinal engine placement. Slapshot - your 2000 PAssat 4Mo is also a V6; a 30V fuel swiller. 2004/05 had the 4Mo available with the 1.8T as well. Hencem the...
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    Bluetec Advertisement - No Mention of Diesel

    Well, considering most Americans remember diesel as slow, stinking, and smoky, I can understand why they don't want to use the word Diesel! Heck, VW generally calls it a TDI, trying to avoid the use of diesel ('cet the diesel editions, of course.)