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  1. TDIMeister

    Garrett x-402 with tune

    Not familiar with that Garret part number designation, but it's simply this: It's originally for a PD, so it's not a direct 1 to 1 replacement for the ALH in terms of fit,and it's a plain OEM part with no additional performance...
  2. TDIMeister

    engine rebuild and performance questions

    Just curious - you're not burning used veggie or motor oil, are you? Going through two engines in the hands of a single owner is highly unusual or a sign of terrible luck. These engines don't just "lose compression over time" without something else causing it. What air filter and engine oil do...
  3. TDIMeister

    Upgrading exhaust, nut seized on turbo nut

    I believe the nut is left-handed.
  4. TDIMeister

    The newer 2.0 TDI 200ps evo engines

    OEMs consider combining Diesel and hybrid technology as too expensive, so it will only see limited uptake except for niche segments and markets. Diesel will see continued application for pickups and larger. Diesels for LDV is unfortunately on life support in NA.
  5. TDIMeister

    The newer 2.0 TDI 200ps evo engines

    I won't say that it will not happen, since Diesel had came back from near death in NA before, but there will be significant headwinds. Unfortunately, I see the chances as being extremely slim. Hybrids will see bigger numbers. There have been some Diesel PHEVs in Europe that I sure wish I could...
  6. TDIMeister

    The newer 2.0 TDI 200ps evo engines

    Biggest news to me is that it now has an aluminum/aluminium crankcase!! I like that it's a closed-deck design with iron liners - supposed to give better stiffness than open-deck and more durable than treated/coated aluminum bores. The lower end, while proven robust, has not departed from a...
  7. TDIMeister

    The newer 2.0 TDI 200ps evo engines

    There's certainly some interesting new tech in the EA288evo like steel pistons, and other evolutionary improvements. Can't speak to how they respond to performance tuning, but there's no reason to doubt that there's some headroom potential there...
  8. TDIMeister

    Audi VW Porsche 3.0 TDI "Delete" and tune

    Sounds like you're conflating the DPF and SCR. The device that uses fluid (AdBlue/DEF) to do its thing is the SCR, not the DPF. BTW, Audi would NEVER do a delete and tune unless it want to get hefty fines from the EPA and even prison sentences - defeat devices is what got them into trouble in...
  9. TDIMeister

    Audi TDI swap build

    6-speed 01E with TDI-specific ratios would be ideal - the tranny codes from the V6 TDI would be even taller (with 3.89 final drive ratio) for lower highway RPMs. For the clutch, 240mm Sachs SRE can't be beat for combination of torque handling capacity, durability, NVH, pedal effort and...
  10. TDIMeister

    Transmission issue/swap

    Unless a swap was performed, a plain vanilla NA-spec Mk4 TDI came only as FWD. The automatic can be readily swapped to a manual or DSG.
  11. TDIMeister

    Transmission issue/swap

    Alternatively, someone has swapped a DSG into Mk4, but only in FWD so far. No reason why it would not be possible in your case, and likely more stateside tranny options in wrecking yards.
  12. TDIMeister

    Transmission issue/swap

    Hmm. How did you end up with an automatic and AWD in a mk4? You'd be looking at a 02M to have a manual AWD. Certainly doable. Maybe find one salvaged off an Audi A3 quattro stateside (an R32 tranny will be incredibly $$$), but either would be for a gasser and the ratios will not be optimized...
  13. TDIMeister

    GREET_2021 LCA of Various Vehicle Technologies

    RD looks very good! I fueled up with it exclusively whenever I could find it during a road trip to California last summer. The 76 app was very useful for the purpose and I also got significant discounts (as much as 70 cents per gallon at the time) for paying for fuel with it.
  14. TDIMeister

    best clutch for 280bhp

    A Sachs SRE kit is unfortunately not kind to the wallet, and it retains a dual mass flywheel, which might nevertheless be overwhelmed at that power level from a PD...
  15. TDIMeister

    DPF (NOx?) stolen off 2013 Jetta TDI Wagon
  16. TDIMeister

    DPF (NOx?) stolen off 2013 Jetta TDI Wagon

    If there's any schadenfreude to be had in these unfortunate circumstances, it would be the look on the faces of the thieves when they're told the NOx catalysts they stole is of practically no value. The catalytic material is, IIRC, barium-based - worthless compared to the platinum, palladium and...
  17. TDIMeister

    DPF (NOx?) stolen off 2013 Jetta TDI Wagon

    Get insurance to cover it.
  18. TDIMeister

    TDIMeister's German-imported 1998 Audi A4 Avant TDI quattro

    Yup, Jeremy puts it quite succinctly. :)
  19. TDIMeister

    TDIMeister's German-imported 1998 Audi A4 Avant TDI quattro

    It has been over three years now since my last post here and way overdue. Everyone reading this has survived a global pandemic; the world has changed a lot over the decade (!!!) of this thread since I started it in 2013 when my car arrived in Canada. The TDI ecosystem and TDIClub have evolved...
  20. TDIMeister


    PDs don't make great race engines because they don't rev the way the VE and CR can.