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    Central Florida

    I live near UCF, looking for a O2J transmission if anyone has a working one.
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    No signal from IP for in-tank lift pump

    I think the run solenoid or something along those lines is bad on my IP, there's no signal going to the pump to turn it on or energize it when the key is 'on.'
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    No signal from IP for in-tank lift pump

    Still running with the ALH fuel pickup, starting takes a while since I need to crank it quite a bit. Since no one has any info, can anyone recommend an external fuel pump that I can just install under the car and call it a day?
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    No signal from IP for in-tank lift pump

    My tractor is slow without the lift pump!
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    Transmission lost calibration, can't find gears after readjusting linkage.

    Yeah I bought some bushing parts, I'll grab the short shift kit later if needed. The side/side bushing in the car is breaking apart. My transmission locking pin always gave me a ton of trouble, it is so much easier to do the third gear thing and lock it down.
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    SBC 14lb G60 Flywheel - Broken, Stripped Bolt.

    I have a 14lb SBC G60 flywheel for a 02J 5 speed. The flywheel was purchased alongside a G60 VR6 clutch kit from IDParts. When I was installing the clutch I ran into an issue and snapped the head off one of the PP bolts. I drilled most of it out but also removed some of the threads on the...
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    What to salvage

    Take off the head if some of the parts are still salvageable. Post a thread in the FS section and on VWVortex and slowly part the car out until it is ready to be hauled. Craigslist - Auto Parts may be a good place to post as well.
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    Transmission lost calibration, can't find gears after readjusting linkage.

    I re-adjusted and don't have a 5th, I figured it needed additional slight adjustments. I saw the DG kit, you just slide the cable into the metal ends, then torque the bolts down? Looks like a hassle but I was eyeing the kit long before. I have their old cheaper short shifter installed. I've...
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    Transmission lost calibration, can't find gears after readjusting linkage.

    Thanks! I'll definitely be trying this later today.
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    Transmission lost calibration, can't find gears after readjusting linkage.

    2000 ALH 5 speed, new SBCS2 clutch and 14lb flywheel. I drove the car 50 miles and it ran fine, 5th gear was difficult to find. I stopped to put a standing fan in the car and it bumped the shifter while in N, I then had issues finding the gears on the 500 foot drive to my parking spot. The...
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    No signal from IP for in-tank lift pump

    Anyone have any ideas on this issue? Can I just rig up 12v to a switch and run the pump off an acc switch?
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    No signal from IP for in-tank lift pump

    00 Beetle ALH 5MT The PD in-tank I installed a few years back has been giving me intermittent issues over the past few thousand. First it cut out while running, then was giving me issues turning on with the key. I replaced the lift pump with a new one, and the relay, then checked all wires...
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    WTB: Mk3.5 Cabrio Door Handle -- White

    The cylinder in the door handle that holds the lock assembly has broken in mine. I tried a Mk3 handle but it has a different lock arrangement. I'm looking for a white driver's side handle, I don't need the lock cylinder. I'll take a pair of black ones too. The lock cylinder fits into a...
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    South Bend Clutch problems?

    No, 21lb is standard, did you get it resurfaced before installing?
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    South Bend Clutch problems?

    Just did the same swap on the same car, with a 14lb flywheel this puppy starts up quick. Engagement is all the way at the bottom vs the top from my old clutch. I have a mild tune with PP502s. My slave cylinder went bad I guess but I didn't notice anything bad performance wise. Make sure there...
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    Bad PD lift pump relay, can I hardwire an ON switch?

    I don't want to buy another relay, I think the 3rd one I have is new. I turn the key and sometimes nothing happens, even after running an hour earlier. I added this to the ALH engine five years ago and everything on the pump looks great. In the past I would jump it from my stereo and the problem...
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    Can you run off of straight motor oil (new oil)?

    I love disaster movies but it annoys me when it's 10 years post-apocalypse and people are driving around in regular cars they just found. So long after gas and diesel break down and turn to sludge, millions of gallons of sweet Mobile 1 or tangy Shell Rotella will be sitting on the shelves in...
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    Do I need to re-tune after a 10mm -> 11mm swap?

    I planned on buying an 11mm pump and swapping while I am repairing some valves. I have PP502s and a mild tune, never saw smoke. Can I still drive after the swap if I adjust the IQ? I don't care how much it smokes as long as it won't melt my pistons or something, I only plan on driving the car to...
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    Thinking about selling.

    Get a bicycle or take up running, it's time to start modding your car.
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    Help with 1441 fault code

    Same issue, CEL for 5 years now looking to fix. Can I just find the N18 plug and cross the wires or something? Is there any way other than hacking it with a VAGCOM? I took out so much stuff over the years my vacuum lines turned into a vacuum line.