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    New to TDIClub? Introduce yourself here!

    Enjoy as most of us enjoyed ours
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    New to TDIClub? Introduce yourself here!

    Many safe & enjoyable miles with your new ride. Problem is, more time behind the wheel the more addicted to the Diesel you become. I owned my B7 TDI w/6SpM for over three years and absolutely loved it.. until VW bought it back last year. I’m driving a E250 Bluetec 4Matic now. Made the trip...
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    TDI Bought-Back - Any Leverage For Buying a New VW?

    I sold my ‘12 B7 TDI back to VW last Oct. It was VW’s opportunity to lose. They blew it. They knew I was interested in a ‘15 B7 TDI w/5k miles at a decent price. Their arrogance cost them my business. I purchased a ‘14 MB E250 Bluetec 4Matic w/100,000 mile Motor Train & Electric warranty...
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    ACTUAL purchases of '15 USED (buyback) TDIs

    I’m turning in my ‘12 B7 TDI 6SpM this coming Wednesday. VW came clean that they didn’t have an Emissions Fix for the 12 MT. Anyway, can anybody tell me who chose the Case Wiring Transfer, how long it took to receive the funds from the day it was turned in? My new chariot awaits; ‘14 E250...
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    Real World MPG - 6 speed Manual

    No fix yet for the 6Sp Manual! I three in the towel and decided to sell mine back before I lose out on the opportunity. My turn in date is in 1 & 1/2 weeks so I’ve garaged mine. I’ve narrowed down its replacement to either a : MB E250 BlueTec 4MATIC, BMW 535d w/X-Dive, or X5d. When I receive...
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    Question (and a few observations) for the Passat mileage crowd.

    I had my eye on VW's 2015 Cross X Concept with hybrid diesel. That was my version of what I had wanted- back then. VW was estimating between 74-79mpg for this crossover. DieselGate ruined that fantasy
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    TDI's are History

    Tell me about the $ paid to you after the fix. Was it 2/3 then 1/3 payouts over the two step process? I had my AirBag replaced last week. In conversation with the service manager he said the only fix avail for my 6SpM was the new Air box Snow Door. And I had believed that it was just going to...
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    Gen 2 Fix Approved

    I've been waiting to hear back regarding the fix too for my '12 6SpM. I just past 122k on the clock and running perfect. I've been using AMSOIL Diesel Injector Fluid, about 4-5oz per tank and amazed at highway mpg. My only pet peeve are the accumulated micro chips on the Hood.
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    Joined the increasingly elusive 800 club

    I've topped 1,000 once and >800 miles several times. Windows up, AC on, and definitely using Cruise Control. I am however driving a 6SpM where my highway mileage is fantastic. Twice a year I drive out in the farmland areas at 45mph in 4th gear for 15 min. as prescribed in the owner's manual To...
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    Fix done. (So-far, nothing to see here.)

    I found out today that VW pushed out the fix for my 6SpM until at least October.
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    900 mile Club

    My best was 1,055 when "Low Fuel" Light came on. Hartford to West Palm Beach. I probably had another 75-85 miles left but wasn't going to risk it. 2012 B7 6SpM 122k miles
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    Real World MPG - 6 speed Manual

    I get that on the highway & cruise control set. So, I called my local VW Service to get an update on the Emissions Fix. Next week, Aug 14th is when they will start reworking the older B7's line my '12. I have no realtime feedback of the overall effect in performance & mpg' but even at 10 less...
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    2012 B7 TDI- Emission Fix

    Has anybody with the early B7's been called in to perform the Two-part emissions fix? If so- please provide some feedback on performance, MPG, Urea usage etc Thanks,
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    2.0 TDI: How many miles before actual Cam/Timing Belt replacement?

    I purchased with the VW Loyalty Card a new Belt, WaterPump, and belt guides. Owners Manual states to replace at 110k miles IF it needs replacing. I'm at 121k and two of my mechanics + me took a good look and it seems just fine. What's the most mileage anyone risked before changing it? Thanks...
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    Real World MPG - 6 speed Manual

    I'm at 121k miles and the engine just purrs. I will admit that I've been using AMSOIL Diesel Treatment. About 4-5oz per tank fuel. With my usual highway/local mileage ratio about 80/20 split I'm easily averaging 44 mpg (Spring-Fall). My last round trip to the mid west was about 1,700 miles. My...
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    Real World MPG - 6 speed Manual

    I'm at 119,500 miles. New, mine came with Conti's. Over the next 70k miles I replaced them one at a time do to various side wall blow outs /screws. When it was time to do a complete replacement I did my own research and ended up with a set of Nokian EnTyers. At 700 AA Ratings plus a Low-Roll...
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    Timing/Cam Belt Replacement

    Has anybody replaced their own belt, water pump, and belt guides on their own? I bought the replacement parts with the $500 VW Card many months ago and am approaching 120k miles. I've viewed a couple of YouTube Videos but none were on my exact engine for my B7-TDI.
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    Real World MPG - 6 speed Manual

    I just hit 115,500 today. 85 mile round trip today where 80 was all highway. Hit 55mpg at 65-69mph.Mid 30's off highway- light to light. My 6SpM provokes me every time. My overall mpg' when I got home were 48. I have been using AMSOIL Cetane Booster- about 4oz per tank.
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    Brake Caliper Paint

    Greetings all: I decided to walk away from the VW Buyback and have decided to keep my B7 TDI. So, I want to paint my brake calipers. Q: Anyone know how hot the calipers get? One paint supplier states that theirs is good to 500 degrees F. Rust-Oleum specs at 900 degrees. What a conundrum -