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    Just got my 2014 TDI SE 6M and have a couple questions on the transmission

    Diesel Geek Absolutely love the short shift kit. I did this on my 12 tdi 6m shortly after I bought the car and love it. Not perfect, but so much more direct than the original linkage......go for it!
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    Opera Red

    Love it We've had our tdi se about a year and get compliments on it everyday. When people figure out its a VW they're amazed. The color combo is great. I really don't see the brown that others have mentioned, but when it's shined up it has an amazing glow.....
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    When will the new factory fog light retrofit kit be available?

    Not as easy as it looks I'm reasonably handy and have installed this kit on my 6m se tdi. The instructions are fairly clear, but the wire connections can be a bear unless you have the "special" tool which I did not have. Access is difficult and VW gives you almost enough wire to do the...
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    Another new Passat owner (finally) 2013 TDI SE Manual Blue/Cornsilk

    BTW, I used solowerks s1 coilovers and have been pretty happy with them.....
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    Another new Passat owner (finally) 2013 TDI SE Manual Blue/Cornsilk

    What a great car! I bought the exact same car last April and after 18k miles absolutely love it. We just did a 360 mile trip home today from the inlaws and averaged 46.9 mpg without trying hard. Take a look at a short shift kit and some lowering springs to crisp it up a bit. Welcome to the clan!
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    If they made an SEL Premium with a 6-spd manual, would you have opted for it instead?

    Absolutely. I bought the SE w/o sunroof and six manual. So far I've added 18 wheels, short shift kit, solowerks suspension and rns 510. I moved to the Passat from a manual 5 series BMW and am enjoying spending less. But I would love to have some of the toys that I had in the BMW........
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    AFter Fog light install I got ESP error

    I'm working on completing the same install. The wiring has been a real pain. Like you the red wire in the back of the fuse box never did go in quite right. Now I've got a bulb out message but everything else seems ok. I got the same error message for ESP but it went away. You can clear it with...
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    Question for passat TDI 6mt owners

    Noise I've got about 6k on my 6m tdi and nothing unusual from the driveline......the whole clutch release is so much smoother than the 2011 golf it replaced. Have you looked at a short shift kit yet?
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    What are you guys paying for your 2012 Passat

    I'm in Raleigh also. The local dealers said there was no chance for a tdi manual so I went to Took a couple of weeks but I found the exact car in Minneapolis, made the deal, flew up and drove it home. Great car and had a good drive to get to know it. Don't limit your search to just the...
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    retrofit rns 510

    Found it The compass antenna is under the plastic cover on the trunk lid. You have to take the cover completely off to pull the wire loose. However that did the trick and the driver display is now working properly. Thanks to a great vw tech at Flow in greensboro for help
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    retrofit rns 510

    I have installed a rns 510 in the passat tdi se that came with the rcd 510. However, I can't find the compass antenna to disconnect it so that the canbus doesn't get double signals. Can anybody help on its location?