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    Fuel door sticky can't open

    If you are struggling to open your fuel door, the easy trick is to to press down on the rear half of the door where the latch is while simultaneously pressing the "unlock" button on your remote. Works like a charm for me.
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    Fuel mileage 2015 Passat at 9955 miles.

    2013 Passat TDI DSG 13,149 miles tracked 60% highway/40% city 43.2 mpg! I think I've mastered the glide-to-a-red-light technique and I also try to avoid commuting during peak hours (I'm self-employed, so I choose to work 10 to 6...
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    Strange pulsating noise

    Turn the A/C on. See if the noise will get worse. Sounds like a failing bearing or pulley.
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    Turbo's wastegate actuator rod related rattle in NMS possible?

    I think I've been experiencing the same thing since new...Almost 10k miles on the odometer right now; no issues so far.
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    Strange Climatronic behavior

    OK, found one fault in HVAC system: Considering the recirc flap is located right above the blower, it is certainly possible that it might somehow be the culprit. Warranty time!
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    Strange Climatronic behavior

    No, unfortunately, haven't had the chance to perform a scan yet. Tdiatlast, does that happen to you on every stop? Did you notice this on cornering too? Because, honestly, I haven't been able to figure out any trend yet. Sometimes I can spend over an hour in stop-and-go city traffic and not...
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    Strange Climatronic behavior

    Hi guys, I've been noticing my Climatronic behaving oddly sometimes. Every once in a while, when coming to a stop or while cornering, my HVAC fan stops blowing air for a couple of seconds - it just gets pretty quiet all of a sudden. It then quickly returns to its set speed as if nothing...
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    TDI broke

    The in-tank fuel pump...
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    Top Side Oil Changes?

    How many liters of oil exactly are your extractors able to suck out of the engine? One of the benefits of doing the oil changes the old-school way is that you can always drain the pan to the last drop.
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    SEL Leather Cleaner/Conditioner?

    According to many professional detailers, the best automotive leather care products are made by a company called Leatherique: However, no matter what product you are using, the most important aspect is using the right technique. I recommend having a...
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    Blown turbo and warranty issues

    Didn't BorgWarner pay for somebody's out-of-warranty repair here?
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    Rotate tires on 2012 passat

    Here's a pretty good solution to the eternal problem of where to safely put jack stands if the designated lifting points are already used for your hydraulic jack. This Passat isn't mine, but the photo does illustrate how the concept works: The company name is Jackpoint Jackstands. At $299/pair...
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    cracked v-tex leatherette warranty issue

    My Canadian Passat "Trendline" is equipped with cloth seats, though all the armrests fortunately are made of leatherette. I use Autoglym leather cleaner to freshen them up, which is then followed up by the 303, mostly for UV protection and added sheen. The whole purpose of a leather conditioner...
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    cracked v-tex leatherette warranty issue

    Here's some excellent advice from a pro detailer:
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    New 2015 Euro-Passat (B8) heralds arrival of new 2.0L twin-turbo TDI & 10-speed DSG

    A 10-speed gearbox is an overkill in my opinion. It's not a semi with a trailer that we have here. Shift, shift, shift, shift, shift, shift, shift, shift, shift...
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    squeaking over bumps

    I have noticed an occasional squeak too. Mine appears to be coming from the rear doors, specifically the latch and striker. These noises occur only when one or both halves of the back seat are down, which reduces the torsional rigidity of the car. I never hear anything when the seats are up and...
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    Odd grinding noise after startup

    Nope...I still hear it occasionally, but not as often as before. Whatever it is, it sure hasn't gotten any worse over the past two months. The transient nature of the noise makes it virtually impossible to track down. All I can do is keep my fingers crossed and hope that it is just some harmless...