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    PD Injector Lash Adjustment
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    2006 Clutch Noise When Pushing Peddle.

    My clutch pedal didn't go all the way down after i installed it. I changed the slave cylinder and everything was good.
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    Floor and trunk mats

    Got pictures?
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    Sunroof light

    I think it's an led. Some jettas didn't come with lit up sunroof switch and buttons
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    blue white puff on start up mk5 tdi

    My car puffs blue/white on startup. Camshaft looks ok and no oil loss.
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    Changing seats

    Make sure the wiring is the same. Early built cars have different plugs for the airbag.
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    Possible 2006.5 purchase?

    I ordered that radio from bdl cant wait to get it
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    New Valve Cover

    I was wondering the same thing about the redesign of the valve cover last night.
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    New Valve Cover
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    Possible 2006.5 purchase?

    What cluster is that?
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    06 TDI Sluggish- No boost leaks, new fuel filter and glow plugs

    Why not go with the easy stuff first?
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    Golf R springs for sale 7k miles

    I have r springs on my brm tdi and i love them
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    New clutch now no pedal

    Make sure you pull the old plastic seal for the slave line from the old one.
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    Struts and Shocks Reccomendations

    You can get the Bilstein TC from ecstuning free shipping and cheaper than idparts
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    2005.5 tdi jetta axle bolt

    27mm 6 point*or 24 12 point
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    Struts and Shocks Reccomendations

    You can't go wrong with the Bilstein TC.
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    06 BRM clutch pedal won't go all the way down after new sach clutch kit was installed

    The thing is that the flywheel was replaced because it was included in the IDParts Sachs quiet clutch kit.