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    TURBO: Please report NMS turbo failures here. [not a discussion thread!]

    2014 Passat turbo failure on 5/13/14 Miles on car at failure: 6,501 Build date: 7/13 Corrective actions from dealership: Replaced turbo and assorted other parts Outside air temps at failure: 55 F Failure warning signs, if any: None Warning lights on dash/MFI: Do not recall any Problems since...
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    Static cornering lights do not work on auto setting

    Guess I could have been more clear on that: when it is dark enough to activate the headlights in AUTO mode, and with the dims on, and with the vehicle stationary or moving less than 10 mph, neither static cornering (activated by steering wheel position) nor cornering with turn signals works in...
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    Static cornering lights do not work on auto setting

    I noticed the same thing on my '14 SEL. Only functions when the light switch is in the ON position, not AUTO, which makes no sense to me. The manual makes it sound like it is supposed to function in AUTO. I have not seen anything in VCDS regarding this setting, but guess I could have...
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    simple solution? (new 2006 radio)

    My 2006 Jetta Pkg II with Sirius does not act as described. I think you have a problem to be discussed with your service department. Good luck! Dan
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    How Are The DSG Trannies Working Out?

    Hi jason. Nice to finally talk to you. There are a lot of people in these forums who think highly of you and your work. Your kind offer to help my wife is in keeping with your reputation and I appreciate it. Probably won't have to trouble you as her commute takes her the other...
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    What to do when ran out of fuel?

    Cage, give him a break -- He didn't say he actually ran out of fuel, he just asked what had to be done if he did. Think this was good for me to read too. Was going to let my wife commute tomorrow with a quarter tank -- she should make it ok, but its just stupid to take a chance. Heading to...
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    How Are The DSG Trannies Working Out?

    Two new DSGs - err, make that three.... I have two DSGs in '06 vehicles. Sad to say they have not been problem free... :( My wife brought her NB home on Friday, January 27th. Started a new job on the following Monday with a 55 mile commute on I-90. Got about2 miles on the tolway and the car...