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    Passat NMS VCDS Tricks / Upgrades

    Shak911, Did you check to see if it needs to be enabled in the MFI? Seems to me the option is there on my '13 SEL TDI.
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    Passat NMS VCDS Tricks / Upgrades

    I can vouch for it working during a panic stop. Driving down a Virginia country road one night around X-Mas, we crested a hill doing about 50 mph when we encountered three deer standing in the middle of the road. There was no one behind us to see the flashing lights, but they did indeed flash...
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    FIXED: 2012 Passat Microphone Quality

    I don't know how I missed this thread when it was active, but better late than never. After more than a year of putting up with crappy sound on the receiving end of calls made from our SEL, all is well thanks to this five-minute fix. Cheers.
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    Passat NMS VCDS Tricks / Upgrades

    In the 09 Comfort Module, 09 central elec, select ADAPTATION, then from the pull down menu select "Comfort Turn Signals (cycles)" this is channel 31, then adjust the number of blinks and save.
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    TURBO: Please report NMS turbo failures here. [not a discussion thread!]

    Miles on car at failure: 16,170 Build date: 1/13 Corrective actions from dealership: Replaced turbo, gaskets, oil line and other parts. Outside air temps at failure: 70 F Failure warning signs, if any: None Warning lights on dash/MFI: None Problems since replacement: Just replaced, no. Repair...
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    RNS510 Firmware & Maps Info Thread

    Thanks for your help LokiWolf. You've got mail. Cheers!
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    Passat NMS VCDS Tricks / Upgrades

    After lurking around here for several months I just picked up a VCDS to use with my ’13 SEL Passat. I’ve made a number of the adjustments suggested around here but I’ve gotten stuck on a couple of the modifications and I’m hoping you guys can set me straight. I’ve enabled the...