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    Volkswagen exec reaffirms commitment to diesel: ‘Now it is absolutely clean’

    @oilhammer: I am from the future... it is great. Seriously, the stuff that was speculated about is coming. We have voice assistants, electric cars... they even have holographic mirrors that you can buy now. I have a solar roof reserved. I think in 50 years that we will see tunnels as a more...
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    So long...

    I am trading in my last VW today. This journey started several years ago and this place was invaluable to me when working on my Jetta. I later bought a new Passat. Last year, I sold the Jetta and bough a BMW i3. Today, I am trading in the Passat on a Tesla Model 3. Going from diesel to...
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    Consensus on Suspension

    I think the most important think is the longevity, to me. If I can get a set that will last longer than the 100k we have on the OE set, as we intend to keep the car in the family for a while. The problems that she is reporting is mostly related to braking, but is complaining about handling...
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    a/c problems

    I have had warranty work on mine 4 times. I am almost to the point of claiming a lemon on it. I have had it since new and we had issues starting about 35k miles. I have had the coolant system flushed umpteen times, the radiator and heater cores replaced maybe a total of 7 times (sometimes it...
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    Consensus on Suspension

    We're at 100K miles now and the wife started complaining about suspension and brakes. When I look at ID Parts, there are two different Koni sets: Koni Special ACTIVE Strut and Shock Set (NMS Passat) Koni Sport (Yellow) Strut and Shock Set (NMS Passat) I am not really looking for any sort of...
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    TSB for clogged heater core / code P2457

    Yes. So, the there is some VW rep that goes around to the dealerships. He saw it yesterday and asked them to cut open the heater core so that they can determine what's up. They already know, certainly... its just one of those things that you keep your mouth shut until you're required to open...
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    TSB for clogged heater core / code P2457

    I am getting tired of this one. I have had this performed 3 times already and it is back in today for a 4th time. The last time... they had my car for a month; while in, they replaced the heater core and it was all clogged again during their testing. They then replaced the heater core again...
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    Engine Area Vibrating (Idle/Driving)

    No codes. I was initially thinking it was happening while running the A/C, but my wife says that it did it once without running the A/C. They weren't able to reproduce. We pick it back up today. I will see if I can reproduce and record it.
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    Engine Area Vibrating (Idle/Driving)

    We have recently developed this strong vibration in our Passat. It kind of sounds like it is a large diesel truck. It is only intermittent and I have not been able to determine the source. It is at the dealer and they haven't been able to reproduce. It definitely seems to be coming from the...
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    Michelin A/S 235/45/18

    I when with the Michelin tires, myself. We have had two potholes incidents that destroyed some of the Continentals. I have never had issues like this with any tires I have ever had. So, I went with the Michelins and it has been great since. We have taken a few bad potholes without issues...
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    FS 2002 Jetta TDI (Indiana)

    This one is going for cheap. I bought it six years ago with 180k miles on it and the previous owner was rough on it. The body has rust and paint is showing its age... the interior has the crayon smell and all of the normal broken pieces. It now has ~230k miles on it. Wipers aren't going...
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    Heat Only on Driver Side - clogged heater core

    I have been having the same issue with my 2014. I honestly think it started in its first year and was exposed as air conditioner issues (it would freeze up). I am pretty sure that the heater core is used to keep the AC condenser from getting too cold. So we had that. Then the heat started...
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    Farewell, friends!

    Yeah, this whole dieselgate thing. So many people to blame, including the politicians that created an unrealistic threshold and VW's audacity. And their response is about as bad as it could be... they should have probably taken the opportunity to go all-in on electric. Whatever we like about...
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    Indy Area 9-Star Wheel Lock Available?

    Nevermind... it is just a cap that looks good with a regular lug nut underneath. Hey, I had an incident with a pothole and come to find out, my wheel lock is non-existent (probably the dealer didn't put it back after the last pothole incident). If anyone has one that will work on my 2014...
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    Lug Nut Key/Wheel Lock

    OMFG, nevermind. I cannot believe it is a completely false cover and it is a normal lug nut underneath. Seriously, this was a terrible endeavor and it was as simple as using this little "pick" tool to pull them off. So, I have a real quick question before I rip my dealer a new one. Do these...
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    Passat timing belt tips

    I had never checked the recommended mileage on the factory belt... what is it? I have a feeling I am approaching it. EDIT: I just read in the maintenance sticky that it is 130k, which is a very nice improvement over my much older Jetta. I am over 50k from the first change.
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    Battery Died and Replaced

    How do I reset all of the garbage on the dash? Thanks in advance kind folks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Looking for a reliable first car...

    So, yeah, I left some things out: Automatic - I am questioning getting her a vehicle at all... she definitely couldn't handle a manual. This takes the MKIV off the table because the auto in it is trash. <$4000 - This is a first car... I'm not going crazy. Nobody ever bought a car for me, so...
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    Electric vehicles (EVs), their emissions, and future viability

    I would add that they make very little of an environmental statement. In all but the busiest of metropolitan areas (NYC and London), they operate mostly empty all day outside of rush hour times. Buses are environmental drains, electric or otherwise.
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    Electric vehicles (EVs), their emissions, and future viability

    I have been to all sorts of junk yards... and I am going to call BS on the catalytic converters just sitting there to rot with everything else. First, the places I go... they take those out of cars, first thing, because they make money on that. Secondly, if they didn't, that would be the FIRST...