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    Dinghy towing

    I would also like to tow a VW but require the DSG as the wife does not want manual. My question is why VW does not permit 4 down towing. My understanding of DSG is no moving parts when in neutral so should be great for towing. Ford allows on Focus with their duel clutch tranny however they...
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    import to Canada?

    Canadian prices I just finished a test drive and I must admit to being very impressed. I do however object to the huge price difference between the US and Canada. VW of Canada must be made aware that these differences are unacceptable. Perhaps a formal boycott is in order to get our opinion across.
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    DSG on Canadian Passat

    Thanks...I found it just after I posted....trying to get idea of cost.
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    DSG on Canadian Passat

    Has any Canuck out there tried to build a Passat on the VW Canada website. I can't seem to get a DSG transmission as an option. Is it me or the website. New member...1st post so be gentle.