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    Turbo cant reach the requestet pressure at high RPM.

    Hello! The car has an S3 front intercooler installed from darkside developments,hard pipe work kit from "creationmotorsport" and hybrid turbo "GT1756V" from JW automotive, and 4bar MAP sensor. JW automotive says: "Expected power range 230 – 250 bhp+ with the correct supporting modifications and...
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    ARL Injectors installation question.

    Hello. I have Seat Leon 1m ARL , and looking for this guide with dimension but for ARL engine, this is for BKC. In Elsa i only found this guide with special tool "T20110A" I dont have the tools, so looking for dimension guide. Thanks!
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    I have a pretty serious oil leak after cam change.

    Thanks for the answer. Here is my problem: Red line where my leak appear and at the green line everything is dry. i think to put some sealing to this area with new TP gasket
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    I have a pretty serious oil leak after cam change.

    Hello everyone i have same leak but i cant fix it. I change the valve cover with new OEM, changed the tandem pump gasket, and still leak at the same spot.