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    My replacement - asking for suggestions based on the criteria below;

    I like my Outback 3.6R so far. It does not handle quite as well as the Passat. Part throttle acceleration is on par due to the CVT's aggressive response. WOT is clearly better with a lot more hp >3000rpm. Passenger space is close to the Passat, but the cargo area is clearly greater. Have...
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    If you are considering buyback which cars are you looking at as replacements?

    I picked one up too Lapis Blue. The 2.5L was fine a a short city test drive, but the 3.6 does exactly what I want on the highway, 60-90mph passing sprints. I really enjoy nearly everything except the seats!
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    Have You Considered The Price of Gasoline?

    It is not the fuel source providing that benefit. Any late model turbocharged direct injection high pressure gasoline engine offers the same peak torque benefit as a turbocharged direct injection high pressure diesel engine. In fact, the flat torque curve for gasoline engines is even broader...
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    Have You Considered The Price of Gasoline?

    I calculated the cost of fuel at my annual mileage rate. A 4-cyl I would expect to get 28mpg in my commute at best. I have had several 4-cyls that were in the 22-24mpg range for my ownership and the 6-cyls have been 20-22mpg. That's $50/month more than my TDI at $4/gallon for 28mpg vs. 37 my...
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    Ideas for spending dealer "goodwill" money?

    OatBunch, I'd like just some universal cross bars that will clamp onto any cross bars. I have some bike racks that mount to them already, but I do not like the OEM bars on my Suburban. I have about $300 left on dealer credit.
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    Passat Replacement based cabin size?

    Did you sit in that back seat? I had a 2011 Malibu which was smaller than the Passat. Then GM made it even smaller in 2013 for Epsilon II. My sister has a 2016 Regal. Any mid-sized car would be fine if I wasn't 6'4" and needed the front seat all the way back. I really appreciate the range...
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    TDI the 1.8T a dog?

    Same here. I purposely did not want it. I have driven a few vehicles with adaptive cruise control and each one annoys in some way.
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    No stick shift diesels

    If the accel pedal was light to moderate, then you didn't need any boost for that peak torque. The DSG does exactly what it should, keep the lowest engine speed for the requested load. The advantage a manual has is the driver may predict he will want to use that torque soon, within a few...
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    If you are considering buyback which cars are you looking at as replacements?

    Subaru Forester base and Premium trims offer AWD + manual trans for modest $. The CVT in my 6-cyl Outback is fine. At most people's normal acceleration, it quietly stays around 1500rpm. It keeps the whole experience very smooth. Around 35%-75% accelerator position, the CVT simulates gears...
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    Car recommendation from the group?

    The 3 Series is tiny. Since I'm tall, the rear sear is nearly useless. I have friends with them and would love to drive a 335, but the Passat is more like the size of a 7 Series inside. Test drive the 2.5L Forester and Outback. Very reliable, low 30's highway, and the CVT is quite...
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    Passat Replacement based cabin size?

    Regal back seat is tiny, no matter what the numbers suggest. Same with Malibu. Lacrosse is close but still does not feel as big as the Passat back seat. I have not heard much about GM's 2.0L turbo. I hate the 3.6L V6 in everything I've driven with it.
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    help me think - tdi replacement?

    Volt is way smaller than a JSW. Anything bigger will cost you quite a bit more month at your mileage rate. How much (more) are you willing to pay? Why not keep it and pocket the $6-8k?
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    TDI alternatives

    Base and Premium trim Forester is available with manual trans. Not the TDI torque, FE, or tank range as the JSW TDI, but very good utility + AWD.
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    Passat Replacement based cabin size?

    I picked up a 2017 Outback 3.6R. It's very close in passenger seat space to the Passat. Legacy would be similar, although I never drove one. The throttle tip-in for both the 2.5 and 3.6 are aggressive and the CVT is responsive, so around town they both feel very good. Owners of the 2.5L seem...
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    If you are considering buyback which cars are you looking at as replacements?

    Outback is based on the Legacy platform, which is what is replacing my Passat. The Legacy is very well priced compared to other mid-sized sedans, about the same cost for features with AWD included. The ride is pretty close to my Passat, a very comfortable suburban and highway car. I picked...
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    If you are considering buyback which cars are you looking at as replacements?

    I picked up a 2017 Subaru Outback 3.6R Limited this week to eventually replace my 2012 Passat TDI SEL. The Outback offers a similarly comfortable ride, some more utility, with power and part throttle acceleration that is comparable to the TDI. I will miss the fuel economy and tank range for...
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    ADblue Between services

    $7.88 Walmart Supertech DEF 2.5 Gallons. That's the cheapest I've found by the bottle. I fill via a Kruse bottle.
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    Advice on suv purchase

    If I didn't need to tow a travel trailer with our Suburban, I really like the Explorer Sport. Twin Turbo V6 AWD goodness. I would not touch the Qudi/VW 3L Diesel.
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    Twin Cities 40K service

    My local dealer quoted $1150 for full 40k service. I ordered the $200 service kit from Idparts and paid a TDI Guru $180 in labor for engine oil/filter, DSG oil/filter, and fuel filter changes. You may find one near you as well.
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    ADblue Between services

    I think the engine software update from Jan 2015 increased the DEF consumption rate. I'm getting about 2400-2900 miles per gallon of DEF now.