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    Turbo Lifespan?

    My turbo only made it to about 300,000 miles.
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    New noise.

    After getting a broken radiator hose replaced, my Jetta was louder. A check under the hood revealed they left the engine cover off. Unfortunately, it was not until later I found out they also left off my aluminum skid plate. They, of course, denied it. That was Wolfs in North Las Vegas. I...
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    When do you decide you've gotten your money's worth and move on?

    I have not spent as much on maintenance on the Jetta as I spent to buy it, but I am getting closer. In the meantime, I like the car too much to part with it. I am also proud to show the car off. Yesterday, I was driving back to Kingman from Las Vegas and as I listened to the hum of the engine...
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    '02 TDI - No start or starts and immediately dies.

    Some years ago I dropped my Jetta key into a cup of coffee. Yeah, I know, genius move. That was the end of any clicking with that key. However, since it had no effect on the actual key I stuck it in the ignition and started the car. It started and immediately died. I tried it a couple more...
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    Puzzling ABS fault after B5 manual swap

    I do not know if this directly relates, but a couple of years ago the ABS light on the dash came on. The Las Vegas guru reset it and it came on again within a few minutes. They said they could fix it for about $1,000 by replacing a unit in the steering column. I looked up the part and it...
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    Low power in 1st and reverse

    Sorry, I am just bringing up a place to look based on a bad experience. Not being able to go more than 40 mph was a good indication for me. Then I turned to a guru in Las Vegas.
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    Low power in 1st and reverse

    Black smoke indicates unburned fuel. Is your turbo working properly?
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    2005 Jetta Wagon revised

    I bought mine in Vancouver, WA in March 2005. I moved to Arizona in 2011. There is more likely to be salt in western Washington, but the rain washes it off. I erred in not noticing the OP car was in salt country. I guess the BEW is a better engine, I am not qualified to say. I still have...
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    2005 Jetta Wagon revised

    The price sounds reasonable to me. I would not sell mine for that little and it is getting closer to needing a new set of tires.
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    I finally tried a can on Saturday when I changed the fuel filter. I have a BEW with 322,000 miles on it and the engine was running a little rough at idle. I put the Dieselpurge directly into the fuel filter and topped it with a very small amount of diesel. I noticed a difference a just a few...
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    Anybody got a clue on this one ?

    Let me guess, Dick Hannah in Vancouver? I learned a long time ago never to trust them with a TDI.
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    Need new struts

    I have a clunk sound in the right front side going over some bumps. My wife says she can feel it when the clunk happens. My Koni Red struts are 13 years old and I cannot find any other reason for the sound. It is a 2005 VW Jetta TDI wagon with only 322,000 miles on it. So, I am thinking I...
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    To sell or not to sell

    If you sell it you will regret it. My BEW Jetta is up to 322,000 miles and going strong. Yours is barely broken in. You will come out better driving it until parts start falling off. Since you indicate it has early stage cancer, I do not think you will get much for it. Mine is cancer free...
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    Help! Need to find comparable prices for 2004 GLS TDI sedan for insurance

    This is a lousy answer, but tell them you are going to have to sue the other driver. You are entitled to be restored to where you were before the collision. The adjuster's job is to cheat you out of what you have coming.
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    Oil Drip backside of engine

    Could be a valve cover gasket leak. However, I think there is some turbo stuff back there too.
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    Overheating BEW

    It turns out it was the upper expansion tank hose had blown out. $ 61.57 part, plus coolant, labor, etc.
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    Overheating BEW

    No return to the reservoir when I checked that. Oil was not low and did not have water in it. Wolf told me he only uses genuine VW parts, so the water pump should have been a good one, if it was replaced 9,000 miles ago. This makes me leery of taking it back to Wolf's and Fixum Haus is...
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    Overheating BEW

    Yesterday I drove up to Costco in Las Vegas. On the way home, I-11 near Boulder City, the car suddenly overheated. Outside temp was around 110 and AC was on full blast and I was going 68 mph. I slowed down through the gears and added water to the reservoir. It looked good enough for a while...
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    Solar thread

    I have had my solar for nine years now. It cost $ 20,000 and I got $ 7,000 in state and federal tax credits. No maintenance costs at all so far. It has paid for itself so I think the return on investment in Arizona is excellent. I suspect it works out quite well in Colorado also. Currently...
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    2006 Jetta TDI 5-Speed, 308,858 miles

    It sounds like your engine is not getting fuel, so starter fluid would be bad for your engine with no benefit. When I change my fuel filter and don't fill it manually, my car will start and then die. It then takes several minutes of cranking before the filter fills with fuel and my car starts...