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    Silicone Hose and Viton hose part numbers

    Here is another source for hoses. Be sure to scroll all the way down the page. I have not used this company yet.
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    How to video: On car VE injection pump seal replacement video

    Excellent how to! I just changed my seals, it took me several attempts. Let me explain what I found out, it may help someone else. I bought two kits $12.95 ea just in case I messed up. I also went to a local O ring shop and bought three Viton seals. The first seal I scuffed so I did the job...
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    Before you blame your rotors check your LCA bushings

    I just got my TT bushings from German Auto Parts, I think they were Meyle but they had a tag "made in China" on the package.
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    HOW TO change the lower control arm bushing

    I just received my bushings, bearings and brakes from German Auto parts today. If anyone is interested the control arm bushings are made in China not Germany.
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    Airbag light??

    I just repaired a 2001 NB. that had an airbag light on. After scanning for codes I found high resistance on drivers side seat buckle. The fix for this instance was to remove drivers seat. Remove the receptacle and pry it open. I found a wire that was broken (could not be seen visually) that was...
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    Chemical cleaning for turbo vs removal?

    If anyone needs to do this procedure in cool or cold climates, try using a hair dryer to warm the turbo to make the Easy Off work better and faster. I would not run the engine with the exhaust removed for fear of turbine distress due to sudden and uneven cooling of the turbine wheel. Just my...
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    Broken Flex Pipe again? Help

    Copper may not be the best choice for this. Flex and vibration will cause copper to "work harden". In other words it becomes very brittle and will probably crack very soon. Thats why it is never used for fuel or brake lines. My EGR cooler pipe broke and I had it welded after making reference...
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    Brake Problems....

    Check ALL vacuum lines. Use a vacuum gauge and see what the pump is pulling. It should be very high, 29 inhg or so.
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    How to Fix Wiring Under Driver's Seat?

    I have to reply to Honey Beetle's thread. I have a 2001 NB with Airbag light on also. VAG COM says "00591 seat belt switch left e-24 32-00 resistance too high." This has been the case for about a year now because I have not had time to do a seat ectomy to find what I believe is an open wire. For...
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    TDI Exhaust Fumes are Choking me

    EGR cooler pipe fix I had a similar fume problem. It was the EGR cooler pipe rupture. This seems to be very common. I filed a complaint with NHTSA and urge everyone else who had the same problem to do the same. Get under your car and look closely for discoloration from exhaust. I think I have...