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    Thinking of getting a Cruze diesel

    I would go with the VW. I like the bigger size most of all compared to the Cruze. Definitely don't pull that discount card out until the negotiations are 100% completed. Read the fine print on it as well, make sure there are no issues/surprises there.
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    2013 Beetle Vinyl wrap, my first TDI!

    Never seen stripes like that on a Beetle, I really like it. The GSR looks amazing.
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    Why America Needs Diesel, Audi's Take [Video]

    The older generations may be harder to re-educate than newly educating the younger generations. 97% less sulfur than other fuels was an interesting fact. My dad had a service shop for years and has mentioned how much diesels have changed over the years. He could not stand them before.
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    Paul Walker Car Collection at Always Evolving Performance

    Nice collection, sad how he passed away, scary 90 miles an hour in that area, so thankful nobody else near there or in the area was killed.
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    1999.5 Golf 2 Door

    The new rims make it to me, so much better, definitely completed the look. Nice restoration!
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    The convenience for long trips is great. Packing this is much easier then the 1 gallon jugs.
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    SmokinTDI - MKIV Jetta TDI - Round Two

    LOL, I love the rims, this looks really clean....
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    Older Mercedes Diesels...

    The heavy body is one of the biggest killers, these things are tanks! My friends dad had one and we would pull their old huge boat with it. That thing was a beast... But is dad spend tons of time working on it...
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    Headed to Germany!

    There would be a ton of paperwork and hassle bringing one of those over here. Stay in the US like the others have said. If I were picking one though I would go with the Civic Diesel...
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    Volkswagen Group to heavily invest in innovation and technology

    I agree with bringing more models here. They have enough power in the market to bring more here.
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    Tires for fuel economy?

    $350 for 4. WOW great price, around here they go for 120 a tire. I have always bought Michelin, cost more but tries are an area I don't like to discount shop on.
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    What's worth getting in 2014? I would go for the Golf TDI in a heart beat, just like the one in this video.... There's one near here, loaded, different color for $24,253 - I assume some wiggle room.
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    Lawsuit against Chrysler

    I cannot imagine having a vehicle that new and having so many issues with it. Smart to trade it, can you imagine how much worse the issue will get as it ages. My 2nd new car, a Sonata ran great up to the 50k mile mark. Then it had several issues with the heads and so on. It was in the shop...
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    2016 Chevrolet Colorado Diesel

    It does look quite a bit like the VW Amarok, the well well/qtr panels very different, but the rest the same style. Next will Ford and Toyota do something similar?
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    09 Jetta TDI

    Great looking car. That's by far my preferred color. No FAT chicks huh? :)
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    Timing Belt

    Replace that belt right away, it should not be that difficult looking at the position. Your timing belt should be good for quite awhile of the previous owner had it replaced.
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    Opti-Lube Group Buy - Free shipping on gallons

    Opti-Lube would have probably been a small fish in a much larger pond. The AAPEX show is more for businesses looking for new products to either sell or use. Good for them to expand their reach. The largest number of attendees were from auto supply companies. Problem for them is the store...
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    Mobile 1 ESP 5W-30 Deal

    Maybe this Back Friday they will have some good deals on their quarts here as well.
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    Yet More Newbie Questions

    I stopped coasting in neutral long ago, I had heard it can cause issues.. However over time K2 said I realized there is no really good conclusive data on whether or not it causes issues or not.
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    Here's my baby.....2009 TDI

    Nice ride :) Interior looks new!