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    Do you have "eco tips" turned on

    It just seems to much like a whiny mother to me. Shut off as soon a I realized how contradictory it is to my driving style.
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    Nav System

    The MkVII has the discover media system that's been in the Euro cars for a few years. It's vastly different from the RNS Nav system of the MkVI.
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    cabin air filter location

    I would love to. Unfortunately I can't find it. Think it was left on my desk at the office.
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    cabin air filter location

    Hey, can someone give a heads up on where the cabin air filter is located on the mark 7? Doing a detail today and wanted to change it at the same time.
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    US cars: Will the NAV show maps in Canada

    Just checked the car. US, Canada and mexico.
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    Hill Start Assist?

    Just for the record, if rolling is a big concern for you, there's always the handbrake.
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    Hill Start Assist?

    If the car is on a 5 degree or greater incline and in first or reverse (which ever is up hill), then the car will hold the brake pressure you applied for two seconds after you let your foot off the brake or until there is suitable power to go in the direction you want. It works very well, is...
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    ea288 oil usage after first 10K miles

    Is there any point to having a car if you don't drive it enthusiastically? I do get a lot of highway miles which might be relevant, but I do a fair bit of bombing around back roads as well.
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    ea288 oil usage after first 10K miles

    Been through the 15,000 KM and 30,000 KM oil changes. Haven't have a low oil warning or a low reading on the dip in this time.
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    Golf MK7 Infotainment review

    I think we need to keep in mind that 2016 does not necessarily mean 2016 in the NA region.
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    Trade in my S for SW SE

    It states not to tow specifically with the DSG. There a rating for every other engine/tranny combination and then it says not to tow with the dog because of damage or some likely bs.
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    Glovebox cooling

    Mounted on the top of the glove box. Above and in front of the cd drive and toward the edge closest to the driver.
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    Glovebox cooling

    That's basically the purpose. Really all it is is a cold air vent run into the glovebox that can be opened\closed with a knob.
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    side mirror upper plastic housing

    It pops right off and back on. I hit the corner of mine with a belt one day and popped it loose. Just shoved it back on and it clipped into place. Was a little bit of a pain to get it lined up, but it worked.
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    Heated mirrors...?

    Yeah, this surprised me as well. My previous Mazda triggered the element any time the rear defrost was on.
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    10000 Mile Service and 2 Software Updates

    Interesting, I've also had false positive turn signal failure. Should speak to the dealer about the updates.
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    Lazy Saturday

    Yep, that's the prick. 32mm head. There is a centre drain plug but I forget what size it is.
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    First DEF fillup

    DEF warning goes out after the tank has been filled. Takes for than a few liters to trip the reset.